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#1. He complaines wrongfully on the sea that twice suffers shipwrack. - Author: George Herbert
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#2. I wanted to be a veterinarian. I adored animals, raised everything in the world and decided that was going to be what I was going to do. But I could sing. - Author: Shirley Jones
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#3. Nothing is more hateful to me than photography coated with gimmicks, poses and false effects. Therefore let me speak the truth in all honesty about our age and the people of our age - Author: August Sander
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#4. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's gold. - Author: Bruce Littlefield
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#5. People call you extremist when you are spreading Islam but always remember that you are not..they are extremist because they are endangering there own life with there own hands. - Author: Muhammad Mubbashir
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#6. Our Prince does not give his servants hopeless tasks. They sometimes do not follow an expected path, but they are never hopeless. - Author: Anne Elisabeth Stengl
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#7. I'm glad I dropped out of high school, man. I wouldn't be where I'm at. I would have had a net. I'm glad I didn't have anything to fall back on, man, because that made me go for my dreams that much harder. - Author: Tracy Morgan
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#8. Men don't even ask me out. I can't remember the last time I was asked out on a date, and I'm talking years here. I spend my life more and more alone. - Author: Anna Nicole Smith
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#9. Of what help is anyone who can only be approached with the right words? - Author: Elizabeth Bibesco
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#10. I am man enough to be able to admit my own mistakes. I think that is an important trait to have. - Author: Peter Hook
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#11. We have allowed corporations to decide the fate of the cities. We hardly speak of democratic development. - Author: Glenn Ford
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#12. A human being is still more likely to die of a bee sting, snake bite or, Lord knows, automobile accident than by shark attack. We do not execute the perpretrators of death by car. We should not butcher an animal for an inadvertent homicide. - Author: Peter Benchley
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#13. However much you are read in theory, if thou hast no practice thou art ignorant - Author: Saadi
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