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Top 16 Soul Mates Short Quotes

#1. War is a big word; it's cruel, it's hard, nobody wants that. Protecting yourself sounds much better. Putting up walls, shutting everyone out. And forgetting that those who you are so afraid of - they're not all that different from you. - Author: C.M. Rayne
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#2. My buildings should have an emotional core - a space which, in itself, has an emotional nice feeling. - Author: Peter Zumthor
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#3. The divorce papers remained unopened in the crisp yellow envelope. He had thrown it on his desk without a backward glance. Between his lashes, his dark chocolate eyes burned with fury but there was something else in the depths that she hadn't seen in a long time, passion. - Author: Suzan Battah
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#4. In private, though, you may call me Mr. Cavendish - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#5. The question was whether James would love me if I was someone else. - Author: Barbara Delinsky
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#6. There is no single grand strategy. Just as the New Left abandoned an overarching program and became a series of like-minded groups advancing area by area, so it must counterattacked area by area. - Author: Robert Bork
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#7. We are pleased with the very positive reception our offer has received, and are confident that progress is being made towards establishing the regulatory framework for the offer. - Author: Lakshmi Mittal
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#8. at the time of my visit he still had failed to - Author: Elizabeth Kolbert
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#9. Not the absorption capacity of the land, but the creative ability of a people, is the true yardstick with which we can measure the immigration potentialities of the land. - Author: David Ben-Gurion
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#10. They said that dying was just like going to sleep, although of course if you weren't careful bits of you could rot and drop off. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#11. He wrote as a young man that God's noblest gift was the gift of an inquiring mind. - Author: John Adams
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#12. Every time you think the problem is 'out there,' that very thought is the problem. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#13. A show like Knots or any other show that can be called a soap opera does terribly in syndication because if you're a viewer and you miss a week you don't know what's going on. - Author: William Devane
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#14. As the adults, we are the ones who set the stage for vitality, love, or disharmony in the home. We set ourselves up for one or the other, and our children take their cues from us. - Author: Gabriel Cousens M.D.
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#15. Good writing - good stories - are the imagination's firing pin, and the purpose of the imagination, I believe, is to offer us solace and shelter from situations and life-passages which would otherwise prove unendurable. - Author: Stephen King
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#16. I like my scars," I say. "I earned them. Now, get out. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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