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#1. I think the record industry has gotten to be more about labels wondering what the new single is rather than labels nurturing artists. It's gotten away from making a full album of music that someone would want to listen to all the way through. - Author: John Varvatos
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#2. He looked down with pleasure-hazed eyes, at her face so tenderly confined in the bracket of his hands, and he whispered in Romany, I am yours. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#3. The special virtue of freedom is not that it makes you richer and more powerful but that it gives you more time to understand what it means to be alive. - Author: Adam Gopnik
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#4. I want to leave, go to some place where I will be really in my own niche, where I will fit in. . . . But my place is nowhere; I am unwanted, de trop. The - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#5. If the world is to hear the church's voice today, leaders are needed who are authoritative, spiritual, and sacrificial. Sacrificial, because this trait follows the model of Jesus, who gave Himself for the whole world and who calls us to follow in His steps. - Author: J. Oswald Sanders
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#6. Luna was glad Amy wasn't one to pry. She knew that if she wanted to talk about it, she would. More people needed to be like her. - Author: Kayla Krantz
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#7. I feel, in a way, on a record, you can be more subtle. In the live setting, everything gets amplified. The dynamics are more extreme in concert. - Author: Sondre Lerche
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#8. Both of them are close to how I'd envisioned them. In Ico's case the design and in SotC's the visual look were very close to what I'd imagined. - Author: Fumito Ueda
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#9. You are free to think thoughts of worry or joy, and whatever you choose will attract the same kind back to you. Worry attracts worry. Joy attracts joy. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
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