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#1. Across time and generations, books carry the thoughts and feelings, the essence, of the human spirit. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#2. Not for the first time Spooner was reminded that marriage was not the straighforward assembly the instruction book led you to believe. - Author: Pete Dexter
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#3. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of magic. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#4. My first novel, 'The Lions of Lucerne,' just poured out of me. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. My biggest fear and therefore my biggest obstacle to becoming an author had been, 'What if I spend all that time and the book is no good?' - Author: Brad Thor
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#5. When you read a book, the neurons in your brain fire overtime, deciding what the characters are wearing, how they're standing, and what it feels like the first time they kiss. No one shows you. The words make suggestions. Your brain paints the pictures. - Author: Meg Rosoff
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#6. By the time you write the last page you have done half the book. The other half tends to get done in about five weeks; I do several drafts, very, very furiously rewriting. I literally do more or less nothing else and I stick with it and go through it and I begin to hate it. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#7. The time comes in life when we have read enough. It's time to stop reading. It's time to lay down the books and write. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#8. People are interested in writing, and often there's an unjustifiable sense of people to believe my talking to them for the book is going to accord them any sort of fame. Which it won't. At the same time, they can be more circumspect if they know they're on the record. - Author: Jesse Kellerman
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#9. Being in front of an audience makes me feel alive. Being with friends makes me feel alive. I've done some crazy stuff in my time and yet I can feel infinitely alive curled up on a sofa reading a book. So, what makes me feel alive? I guess it's realizing I am part of the world around me. - Author: Benedict Cumberbatch
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#10. You're too busy writing the next book to worry about Googling yourself all the time. - Author: Annette Curtis Klause
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#11. My point is there will always be vile men, just as there will always be men of kindness and compassion ... This world is a troubled, savage, place. It would, however, even be more ghastly if only evil men took time to master weapons. - Waylander from the book Hero in the Shadows by David Gemmell - Author: David Gemmell
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#12. Sad to say, multi-tasking is beyond me. I read one book at a time all the way through. If I'm reviewing the book, I have to write the review before I start reading any other book. I especially hate it when the phone rings and interrupts my train of thought. - Author: Michael Dirda
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#13. What I didn't say was that each time I picked up a German dictionary or a German book, the very sight of those dense, black, barbed-wire letters made my mind shut like a clam. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#14. I've been a big music guy for a long time and a lot of my books have music in them so I like music analogies. - Author: Charles Soule
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#15. Read everyday quotes start from easy which don't want a lot of thinking, then average,then something complex. This will re-wire your brain, however if you find a book of quotes I suggest you to read all quotes slow and even if you don't get a quote or quotes read them as much time as possible. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#16. Who said time machines haven't been built yet? They already exist. They're called books - Author: Robert Benchley
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#17. It would absolutely suck if you paid a few bucks for a book only to find that on the first page it said, 'Once upon a time they all lived happily ever after' and the rest of the book was blank. - Author: Simon Travaglia
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#18. Stephan always looked like a model, but he never needed more than ten minutes to get ready. I found it both convenient and infuriating, depending on the time of the month.
Lilley, R.K. (2012-10-20). In Flight (Up in the Air Book 1) (Kindle Locations 2695-2696). R.K. Lilley. Kindle Edition. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#19. Every time we read to a child, we're sending a 'pleasure' message to the child's brain. You could even call it a commercial, conditioning the child to associate books and print with pleasure. - Author: Jim Trelease
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#20. Even books are nurses, medicines are nurses. But we must work to bring about the time when man shall recognise his mastery over his own body. Herbs and medicines have power over us as long as we allow them; when we become strong, these external methods are no more necessary. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#21. I used to split my time between writing, music and painting. I would work on a book and then abandon it, start a band, do an album, quit music, then do a gallery show. Eventually I decided to give writing a serious shot. - Author: Isaac Marion
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#22. In mid-career, I was at one and the same time the rabbi of a major congregation, writing books, and teaching at Columbia. I didn't spend enough time with my children. Now, when I get an all-important call, I sometimes say that I'm having lunch with my granddaughter. And I do not apologize - Author: Arthur Hertzberg
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#23. I read books all the time, I'm always reading. I'm not like somebody that reads really fast or a lot or anything, but I always have a book that I'm reading. - Author: Christopher Owens
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#24. You have shown me the best of you.
Its time to turn a new leaf.
-New Leaf
Book:Unrequited Love - Author: Maryann Gestwicki
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#25. I am like a book, with pages that have stuck together for want of use: my mind needs unpacking and the truths stored within must be turned over from time to time, to be ready when occasion demands. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#26. Every time there's a revolution, it comes from somebody reading a book about revolution. David Walker wrote a book and Nat Turner did his thing. - Author: Mike Tyson
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#27. It befell in the days of Uther Pendragon, when he was king of all England, and so reigned, that there was a mighty duke in Cornwall that held war against him long time. And the duke was called the duke of Tintagil. - Author: Thomas Malory
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#28. Yes, I prosecute bastards like him, make them pay for what they did to innocent victims who can't fight for themselves. And every time I win a case, I not only win for the victim, but also for me. - Author: Buffy Andrews
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#29. Be sure to see that the first few pages have the reader on the edge of his seat, unable to put the book down. Most editors only have time to read a few pages before making a decision; make those pages memorable! - Author: Judith Saxton
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#30. Each time I read a book, I cataloged the parts that struck me dumb with envy and admiration for their beauty and power and truth. - Author: Jack Gantos
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#31. I cannot remember a time when I was not in love with them
with the books themselves, cover and binding and the paper they were printed on, with their smell and their weight and with their possession in my arms, captured and carried off to myself. - Author: Eudora Welty
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#32. Every time I finish a book, I say to an imaginary god that I do not believe in, 'Please let me live to write another one.' - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#33. Writing a mystery is like drawing a picture and then cutting it into little pieces that you offer to your readers one piece at a time, thus allowing them the chance to put the jigsaw puzzle together by the end of the book. - Author: Ashwin Sanghi
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#34. I've read somewhere in a book when something happens that is unbearable to you, sometimes, time stops. Like your inner clock just stops working, even if the world keeps spinning you will stand still for the rest of your life. - Author: Katja Michael
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#35. I think What Dreams May Come is the most important (read effective) book I've written. It has caused a number of readers to lose their fear of death the finest tribute any writer could receive ... Somewhere In Time is my favorite novel. - Author: Richard Matheson
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#36. And to my son Patrick, without whose assistance (as P.G.Wodehouse said somewhere of his daughter) this book would have been completed in half the time, all love and all joy. - Author: David Bentley Hart
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