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#1. Pray; and as you pray, surrender; and as you surrender, believe. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#2. Come as you are. As you were. As I want you to be. - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#3. Every farm with slaves was a slave-breeding farm. Raising slaves was mostly a cottage industry ... - Author: Ned Sublette
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#4. ... in the case where the self is merely represented and ideally presented (vorgestellt), there it is not actual: where it is by proxy, it is not. -Hegel, Phenomenology of Mind - Author: Guy Debord
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#5. weren't more severe. You should be good to go in a couple days. I'll be back to check on you in an hour." Arnie waited for the doctor to shut the door before he plopped down in the chair next to the bed. - Author: Kathleen Brooks
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#6. I turn, concentrating on Jeb. "No matter what you think happened between the two of us, I love you. We share battle scars and hearts. I don't want to lose that."
He studies my necklaces and the soldered clump of metal at my neck. "Yeah, I see how well you took care of my heart." - Author: A.G. Howard
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#7. Q: What do you get when you breed a groundhog and a West Point Cadet? A: Six more weeks of bad football! - Author: Andy A. Bufalo
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#8. Seek and destroy, hunt and find
We will kill all their kind
They will beg and they will plead
As we drink their blood with mead - Author: Nancy Holder
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#9. Boredom and booze
cause and effect. - Author: Samuel Hopkins Adams
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#10. You spend your life having lessons, practising and competing as an amateur, and working during the day. As you get to the top end of the amateur field, you try not to work anymore; you earn your living through dancing, maybe by doing a bit of teaching. It's an ongoing life's work. - Author: Anton Du Beke
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#11. I was too absorbed to be responsive - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#12. Our empirical criterion for a series of theories is that it should produce new facts. The idea of growth and the concept of empirical character are soldered into one. - Author: Imre Lakatos
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#13. In the beginning was the secret brain.
The brain was celled and soldered in the thought - Author: Dylan Thomas
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#14. Losing myself is so second nature to me by now that I'm always surprised when it's noticed by others. - Author: Amy Wilensky
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#15. What do I bring to the Democratic National Convention that other reporters don't? Hair. - Author: Dave Mustaine
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#16. ...parents unconsciously start very early to teach girls how to be, that baby girls are given less room and more rules and baby boys more room and fewer rules. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#17. I began to murmur the Lord's Prayer in thanks.
"Shit," Mrs. Parsall said. - Author: Laura Bickle
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#18. The voice without a body went on singing, and certainly Raoul had never in his life heard anything more absolutely and heroically sweet, more gloriously insidious, more powerful. - Author: Gaston Leroux
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