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Top 20 Socks With Dirty Sayings

#1. The dirty laundry of our confessed sin belongs in the Lord's laundry hamper; for there He will toss them like mismatched socks as far as the east is from the west. - Author: Cheryl Zelenka
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#2. - most people don't plan past the honeymoon. But reality sets in when it gets down to dirty socks and what's for dinner. - Author: Stephanie Bond
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#3. You'd have been scared too if that big troglodyte had put his hands on you. He smelled like dirty socks and store brand cola. Chet Andrews - Author: Aaron Crabill
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#4. The first step toward enhancing performance in an organization is realizing that improvement is possible only if participants abandon business-as-usual practices. Doing so requires recognizing and rejecting three prevailing myths. - Author: Anders Ericsson
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#5. I like doing the comedic episodes because it's refreshing. I enjoy doing comedic things and physical comedy. It's fun. - Author: Emily Deschanel
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#6. The mass gross absence of sound in space is more than just silence. - Author: Gene Cernan
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#7. Over the years, I'd learned that under the bed was the best place to keep anything I didn't want found, because there was so much crap - papers, magazines, dirty socks, grocery bags - that no one would ever suspect that anything of value was under there. Sort of like hiding in plain sight. - Author: Kristin Walker
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#8. Remember, Matt, it's an exercise. That's called autobiography, the second enemy of listening. - Author: Hartley Stevens
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#9. Yet 'Reality' is just whatever illusion we believe in - Author: Fola
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#10. Could you please permit me to let you watch entire night while you will be sleeping". - Author: Nitin Yaduvanshi
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#11. I generally read every night befi=ore I fall asleep: Brad does too. I find it comforting to lie beside my husband, each of us with a book in our hands. I see it as a period of calm and intimacy, and as the perfect metaphor-together, yet individual-for our marriage. - Author: Debbie Macomber
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#12. Mr. Bumpy from Bump in the Night was this funky little guy who lived under the bed and thought eating dust bunnies was a delicacy. He was as cool as he could be, and ate dirty socks. - Author: Jim Cummings
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#13. If we're talking about masculinity and tenderness, I don't look at Clinton. - Author: Aaron Eckhart
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#14. One hears but one does not seek; one takes
one does not ask who gives; a thought flashes up like lightning, it comes of necessity and unfalteringly formed. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#15. The 60's are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great. - Author: Abbie Hoffman
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#16. Good advice is one of those injuries which a good man ought, if possible, to forgive, but at all events to forget at once. - Author: Horace Smith
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#17. Who cares if a man wants to marry another man? All i want to know is who's going to ick up all the dirty socks? - Author: Sherman Alexie
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#18. You're not going to find a man whose socks don't get dirty or who doesn't snore. - Author: Helen Reddy
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#19. As bees extract honey from thyme, the strongest and driest of herbs, so sensible men often get advantage and profit from the most awkward circumstances. - Author: Plutarch
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#20. You need to know where you want to go in life before you get there... - Author: Shadonna Richards
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