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Top 24 So Called Boyfriend Quotes

#1. Scripture is the manger in which we find the Christ child. - Author: Martin Luther
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#2. I'm a very emotional writer. I always need to have a boyfriend. I always need to have some food. I always need to have a heater at my feet, and I drink this thing called Cool Brew, which I found in Louisiana. It's like condensed coffee. - Author: Ester Dean
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#3. I remember when the Atkins diet arrived; I lost 16 lb in the first month, but when I stopped, it all went back on again. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#4. Jazz is such a powerful cultural statement that it's almost as if it's intertwined with society. - Author: Tom Harrell
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#5. I'm not your boyfriend, Isabelle," he called out.
She went white, Simon was horrified by how badly his words had come out.
"I mean, I can't be your boyfriend, Isabelle," he said. "I'm not him
that guy who was your boyfriend. That guy you want. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#6. Those who knew Benjamin Franklin will recollect that his mind was forever young, his temper ever serene; science, that never grows gray, was always his mistress. He was never without an object, for when we cease to have an object, we become like an invalid in a hospital waiting for death. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#7. I didn't care much for being called stupid and softhearted. But the boyfriend bit I could live with. - Author: Mike Mullin
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#8. I've got to get this stuff out of my system. No, more than that, much more. I've got to get my system out of my system. That's what I've got to do. - Author: Martin Amis
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#9. Only suffering grows big artists. - Author: Irving Stone
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#10. Eric, this is Isaac. A dear, dear friend."
Isaac looked none too happy to be called her friend. Eric extended his hand. "I'm Eric, Rebekah's very possessive boyfriend."
Isaac's eyes widened.
"And lover," Eric added. "We get it on constantly. - Author: Olivia Cunning
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#11. I just filmed a movie with my boyfriend, an indie film called 'Conception.' And it's kind of like an R-rated version of 'Valentine's Day.' So it's like all about eight couples, and me and my boyfriend play one of them together. And that was a lot of fun. - Author: Sarah Hyland
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#12. Brittany and I don't date other people."
"Why not?"
"It's called being boyfriend and girlfriend. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#13. Self-respect,
the corner-stone of all virtue. - Author: John Herschel
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#14. Still, that didn't stop the flare of heat from returning to Melody's chest. "You called my boss a b word."
Declan zeroed his gaze on hers. "No, I said she was being one, and she was. To you. And I didn't like it. - Author: Brooklyn Skye
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#15. Angela has a boyfriend. Actually, he's a friend with benefits."
"What's that?" Grandma said.
"It means she likes him, and she sleeps with him sometimes when she feels like it."
"In my day, we called that a husband," Grandma said. - Author: Elaine Viets
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#16. I kept wondering then - I'm still wondering now - if there was a time when she realizes that something was going wrong. Inside her, I mean. when she could feel herself slipping away, something new creeping in. If she could have stopped it, or if it just... happened. - Author: Nina LaCour
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#17. My boyfriend called me a stalker. Well, he's not actually my boyfriend ... - Author: Darynda Jones
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#18. To operate a company of the size of Sears Holdings or Wal-Mart or Target or Home Depot or Lowe's, you need a combination of skills, and each of those skills needs to be sufficiently strong. - Author: Edward Lampert
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#19. I was playing games with myself, putting up a show of resistance, as if I could take it or leave it. But the truth was, whatever the price, I would gladly pay it just to feel...better. Connected. Human. Alive. Anything at all. - Author: Alexis Hall
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#20. Isn't there a word for friends that mess around?"
"Yeah, it's called girlfriend and boyfriend. - Author: Renee Carlino
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#21. Improving the health & productivity of the poorest is one of the best investments you can make in the future of the world - Author: Bill Gates
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#22. I know the names of the books - their old covers bleached to palest greens or pinks by the endless cycle of summers - lined up on the shelf. - Author: Harriet Lane
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#23. It must have been Josh. He's up there with the paintball bow," Michael called up to her. A what? How come I don't get one of those? I'm up here shooting this junky thing like an idiot, while he's over there taking out my boyfriend from across the field like some kind of assassin. - Author: Cindy Ray Hale
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#24. She had an English boyfriend who called her more often than she needed to hear from him, a savings account, a mobile phone, an Oyster Card, and a place to live that made her feel as if she was in a movie. She was a London girl. - Author: Rosie Thomas
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