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#1. People say that celebrities stop developing emotionally at the age of their success - which for Tom had been with Risky Business at twenty-one. - Author: Leah Remini
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#2. With two books a year, I don't have time for writer's block. - Author: James Rollins
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#3. I grew up in a society where everything you did was eavesdropped on, recorded, snitched on. I had friends when we were kids getting into trouble for telling anecdotes about Communist leaders. - Author: Jan Koum
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#4. I never go to the cinema. I can't stand sitting in the dark with strangers
all of us obliged to share the same emotional experiences
it's too intimate. I like to be emotional in private. - Author: Peter Greenaway
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#5. And, ah, who are you? What Horseman, I mean." Thanatos swung around. "Death." Cara swallowed. Audibly. "As in, the Grim Reaper?" He snorted. "That poser. - Author: Larissa Ione
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#6. Who snitched?"
"We have people monitoring police radio frequencies. They gave Jim a heads-up in case our security had to storm PAD offices and bust you out of there. I found out when I saw Jim walking down the hallway snickering to himself. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#7. In the course of time, Michael Strogoff reached a high station in the Empire. But it is not the history of his success, but the history of his trials, which deserves to be related. - Author: Jules Verne
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#8. With electricity we were wired into a new world, for electricity brought the radio, a "crystal set" and with enough ingenuity, one could tickle the crystal with a cat's whisker and pick up anything. - Author: Theodore White
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#9. Don't know why you... say good-bye. I say... hello. - Author: Isaac Marion
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#10. Sam loved to listen to music and make his own songs, to wear soft velvets, to play in the castle kitchen beside the cooks, drinking in the rich smells as he snitched lemon cakes and blueberry tarts. His passions were books and kittens and dancing, clumsy as he was. - Author: George R R Martin
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