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#1. What, exactly, is a father if not a man who, once you're grown and gone and out in the world making your own mistakes, all good advice be damned, waits patiently for you to return? And if you don't, well then, you don't. He understands that risk. He knows whose choice it is. - Author: Julia Glass
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#2. SMU: 'It's unbelievable to think that kind of corruption came right from the top of the power structure. The NCAA did what it had to do' in canceling SMU's 1988 football season. - Author: Joe Paterno
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#3. There are two amendments only which I am anxious for: 1. A bill of rights, which it is so much the interest of all to have that I conceive it must be yielded ... 2. The restoring of the principle of necessary rotation, particularly to the Senate and Presidency, but most of all to the last ... - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#4. New Zealand needs to balance its environmental responsibilities with its economic opportunities, because the risk is that if you don't do that - and you want to lead the world - then you might end up getting unintended consequences. - Author: John Key
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#5. But when I got to SMU and decided to take a playwriting class, I said this isn't a bad idea. IfI write characters, they could be as dumb as me, and I don't have to be very smart. - Author: Beth Henley
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#6. For some death is an art, for others it is merely an inevitability. - Author: Sadie S. Forsythe
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#7. We need to raise our voices a little more, even as they say to us, 'This is so uncharacteristic of you.' Invisibility is not a natural state for anyone. - Author: Mitsuye Yamada
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#8. I have definitely had experiences where I can feel the shift from simply living my life to being slightly outside of my life and taking notes. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#9. An uplifting, fat-tastic voyage to self-love, Read My Hips made me realize that I no longer need to be weighed down by constantly judging my body. I devoured this book-it's deliciously inspiring! - Author: Hillary Carlip
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#10. Most of my lyrics are little stories about my experiences or those of my friends. - Author: Sade Adu
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