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#1. The weapon of the Republic is terror, and virtue is its strength. - Author: Georg Buchner
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#2. No studio in Hollywood wanted 'Cold Mountain.' None. No one wanted 'Ripley,' no one wanted 'The English Patient.' That tells you there isn't really an appetite for ambitious movie-making out there. - Author: Anthony Minghella
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#3. Create an opportunity for change to have way in your attitude and lifestyle. Sometimes, it not us, but our perceptions scare away change! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#4. In two-parent households, women have increasingly entered the workplace, and in single-parent households, there is even more of a need for the adults to work. That means parents do not fully control their own schedule and have to scramble to find high-quality after-school options. - Author: Geoffrey Canada
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#5. In the development of both capitalism and communism, as we visualize them in the next fifty or a hundred years, the processes that encourage human alienation will continue. - Author: Erich Fromm
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#6. I would much rather be considered wise than smart. But, I still think it is wise to get an education. - Author: Destiny Booze
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#7. I just find it thrilling, especially when I totally lock in to the person that I am doing and I'm really flying ... I suppose I am hiding myself when I sing as these other people. - Author: Jane Horrocks
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#8. Commitment is mental determination to accept only EXCELLENCE no matter how difficult, uncomfortable, or stressful. - Author: Richard Tyler
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#9. Books that represent the last word on a topic are important. Books that represent one of the first words are even more important. - Author: Jesper Roine
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#10. I think Republicans need to do a better job of reaching out to everyone in the United States. Politics is always about getting the support of the majority of our people. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#11. Dear Dad: After twenty-two years in the amusement park, this roller coaster isn't fun any more, so I'm getting off the ride. Roger - Author: Roger Kahn
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#12. When things are bad, we take a bit of comfort in the thought that they could always be WORSE. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get BETTER.' - Malcolm S. Forbes. - Author: Rachel Renee Russell
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