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Top 13 Smackdown Hotel Quotes

#1. Miko: You would stand between me and this evil murderer?

Hinjo: I'll stand between any two murderers I wish, thanks. - Author: Rich Burlew
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#2. evangelizing, proclaiming Jesus, gives us joy. In contrast, egoism makes us bitter, sad, and depresses us. Evangelizing uplifts us. - Author: Pope Francis
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#3. All I care about, to be honest, is surfing. I love surfing more than anything. To me, there's nothing like that. - Author: Brody Jenner
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#4. You all want to know what is my dream? Very simple. To walk along the beach, holding the hand of my lover. - Author: Michelle Bachelet
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#5. Yet human intelligence has another force, too: the sense of urgency that gives human smarts their drive. Perhaps our intelligence is not just ended by our mortality; to a great degree, it is our mortality. - Author: Adam Gopnik
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#6. Take a little walk down Know You Role Boulevard, hang that right on Jabroni Drive, and then proceed to check your Aunt Jemima no-pancake-havin' ass di-rectly into the Smackdown Hotel! - Author: Dwayne Johnson
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#7. I envisioned huge piles of the Elf Hotel flying off the belt, taking down everybody in sight. I had seen pictures of that Elf Hotel - it had sharp candy-cane spires that could easily impale someone. If anyone was ever going to be killed by an Elf Hotel, it would be my parents. - Author: Maureen Johnson
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#8. If Plan A fails, they could always revert to Plan A. - Author: Mark Lawrenson
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#9. As Plato said, Be kind to everyone you meet, for we are all fighting a fierce battle. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#10. Most people forget that you have to create relationships. The allure of the first years settles down, and at that moment, you better start creating it; otherwise, you're going to lose out. - Author: John Travolta
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#11. I don't believe in the scraping of stuff. Take the existing condition, offer up a diagnosis for what's wrong, and a prescription for making it work. - Author: Tim Gunn
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#12. The iambic pentameter owes its pre-eminence in English poetry to its genius for variation. Good blank verse does not sound like a series of identically measured lines. It sounds like a series of subtle variations on the same theme. - Author: James Fenton
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#13. My fan base is really expanding into an inter-generational thing - it's what every artist probably hopes for. - Author: Daryl Hall
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