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#1. I try not to read reviews because I know how sensitive I am and how debilitating it is and how it follows me around. If they're bad, you feel terrible, you feel worthless, no matter if you think they're wrong - and if they're good, it feels cheap and sleazy because you went looking for it. - Author: Thao Nguyen
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#2. Stephen shrugged. "Yeah. Well. I said I would."
"Ah. Are we having issues?"
"This feels sleazy."
"I promise I'll respect you in the morning. - Author: Tana French
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#3. This won't stop her from getting elected," Shane said. "Stupider people get elected all the time. It's America. We love the sleazy. And the crazy." "I would like to think better of us," Claire said, "but yeah. You're right. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#4. I kind of miss the old sleazy Times Square, in a way. And yet I don't mind not being accosted by all sorts of strange people. - Author: Malachy McCourt
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#5. The healthcare bill not only is a monstrosity in terms of growing the government and cutting out the private sector, the way it was passed was sleazy. Every old Washington trick was used to pass the healthcare bill. - Author: Lindsey Graham
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#6. Somehow whatever I play ends up being sleazy. - Author: Paul Giamatti
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#7. I felt like the news business was a little rough for me and a little sleazy. So I glided right over into acting. - Author: Emily Procter
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#8. Kara knew je only recognised t and a on a string and he was nothing more than a sleazy pupeeter - Author: Saira Viola
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#9. American men had made do for so long with smiling chorines and sweet titillation in their sleazy magazine that no one realised how hungry they were to have their sex mixed with terror and blood. - Author: Gerard Jones
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#10. These are people that are gonna vote for Hillary Clinton. They couldn't care less that she is sleazy. They couldn't care less that she cannot tell the truth. They couldn't care less that she exposes this nation to great risk. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#11. She was looking more sleazy than grungy today, in an orange top cut so low that you could ski down the bare skin in front. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#12. Maybe we can change some kid's life & stop him from becoming a welder or a sleazy lawyer. - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#13. I think one reason why our show is popular too is that we have relationships with all these people. They are our actual friends. We're not like show promoters where we're like, (sleazy) "Hey, come on over and do a show." - Author: B. J. Porter
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#14. The casting of 'Slumdog Millionaire' is a dream. Anil Kapoor, as the sleazy TV host, diamonds winking in his earlobes, has never been better; the quietly understated Irrfan Khan turns in another bravura performance as the police inspector whose questioning brings out Jamal's story. - Author: Shashi Tharoor
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#15. Aah, God help us, how sleazy is it, and how has it come to this? a rented palace, a denial of the passage of time, a mogul on the black-diamond slopes of the IT sector thinks he's a rock star. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#16. They walked on rather aimlessly. He hoped she wouldn't notice he was touched, because he wouldn't have known how to explain why. Here lay the great discrepancy between aesthetic truth and sleazy reality. - Author: Patrick White
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#17. Swatting his arm was like swatting a brick wall; Elle had never noticed the toned biceps hiding under his pressed suits and crisp button-ups. Or maybe she had, but she'd just added it to the list of reasons Grant was a sleazy jerk: gym-obsessed, girl-obsessed, and money-obsessed. - Author: Liz Meldon
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#18. Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don't want it if it's that easy - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#19. assertions about men: sleazy, chancing, self-serving, porn-obsessed slackers. - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#20. Better, then, to go light on the sexual particulars, and think instead of who's winning and who's losing at any given point. How is power being exchanged here? I want to say, "Who's on top?" But that would of course be sleazy, and just generally beneath me ... - Author: Michael Cunningham
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#21. Do I like tawdry, sleazy stories? Yeah, I do. - Author: Errol Morris
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#22. You know I don't really have faith in politicians - this is quite a sleazy business. But there is no law which says that all politicians will turn out to be scumbags. - Author: Zac Goldsmith
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#23. Reality TV is sleazy, it is manipulative. It is as momentary as anything in popular culture. - Author: Morley Safer
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#24. The adjective sleazy must have acquired its present-day meaning to conform to its sound shape. A word cannot exist in slums, surrounded by slatterns and sluts, and preserve its purity amid all this slime. - Author: Anatoly Liberman
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#25. In any profession, there's a sleazy side and an honorable side. - Author: Gina Gershon
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#26. The First Amendment applies to rogues and scoundrels. You don't lose your First Amendment rights because of a sleazy personality, or even for having committed a crime. Felons in jail are protected by the First Amendment. - Author: Naomi Wolf
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#27. Oh, that all the things my father had told me about how disgusting Washington is are true. And again it's the system - there are lots of nice, well-meaning people there. But it's a sleazy place. And politics is all about doing favors. - Author: Esther Dyson
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#28. I don't want to play earnest. I'd rather play somebody who's kind of sleazy. It's much more fun, especially in a comedy. You don't want to be some earnest guy who's just trying to do the right thing but can't. I want to be doing the wrong thing intentionally. - Author: Jack Coleman
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#29. It isn't true what they say about mothers. We don't hate our sons'
girlfriends. The sleazy ones - maybe. But we're mostly delighted and a little startled when a wonderful girl loves our son. And relieved the son is smart enough to love her back. I'm grateful,
Beth. - Author: Angela Morrison
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#30. When I'm not working I'm a slug - a full slug. I am not good at the in-between. I'm either fever-pitched or want to just pass out on a beach with a really sleazy book and eat a cheeseburger. - Author: Michael Kors
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#31. There was nothing physical she could do to stop Mario from carrying out whatever he wished. She shivered at the thought of what that sleazy, other world leftover might do should she launch an attack on him. - Author: G.G. Collins
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#32. I look to the women who epitomize old Hollywood glamour, like Rita Hayworth. She had a way of making sophisticated clothes look sexy without ever seeming sleazy or cheap. - Author: Jennifer Lopez
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#33. I was cut out of The Doors. I was Okie Girl, a groupie. The powers that be thought that my character made Jim Morrison look too sleazy, if you can imagine. I saw the movie-it was so loud I had a headache for three days. - Author: Jennifer Tilly
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#34. With forbidden, seething Havana waiting to open up nearby, South Beach is a riot of loose luxe and easy sleazy, where dancing the night away amid hundreds of tanned, undulating bodies is a standard prelude to hot, anonymous sex. - Author: Maureen Orth
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#35. You're a sleazy defense lawyer with two ex-wifes and an eight-year-old daughter and we all love you. - Author: Michael Connelly
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#36. Life is a sleazy stranger, who looks vaguely familiar; flirting with a bimbo named disaster at the end of the bar. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#37. Kara knew all he recognized was T and A on a string and he was nothing more than a sleazy puppeeter , so long as there were souls for sale he was ready to buy .. - Author: Saira Viola
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#38. I'm not going to try and persuade her to reconcile with some sleazy git who's been having affairs left, right and centre. - Author: Rachael Lucas
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#39. The neighborhood was at the friction point between sleazy and respectable. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#40. I think the world of politics is pretty sleazy. - Author: Jemima Khan
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#41. Models are just mannequins seeking validation at the hands of sleazy fashion people. - Author: Amber Heard
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