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#1. Most of my characters are romantic rather than sexual. I think that's an essential difference in my pictures. I think they are more accurate in portraying young people as romantic - as wanting a relationship, an understanding with a member of the opposite sex more than just physical sex. - Author: John Hughes
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#2. Once you begin to fall off the track and believe you breathe different air to everyone else, you're doomed; you're finished. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
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#3. After returning from his stint in the minors made reference to the movie Slapshot with: I'm happy to be back. It was never my aspiration as a kid to play in the Federal league. - Author: Glenn Healy
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#4. I watched 'Mighty Ducks.' 'Slapshot' when I was a little older. - Author: Sidney Crosby
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#5. You know what a storyteller is, don't you? It's a person that has a good memory who hopes other people don't. - Author: Sandra Dallas
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#6. But we have received a sign, Edith - a mysterious sign. A miracle has happened on this farm ... in the middle of the web there were the words 'Some Pig' ... we have no ordinary pig."
"Well", said Mrs. Zuckerman, "it seems to me you're a little off. It seems to me we have no ordinary spider. - Author: E.B. White
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#7. I know how mirrors work. They're all in league with the cosmetics trade. They tell a woman lies. Drawing her gaze from one imagined flaw to another, until all she sees is a constellation of imperfections. If you could get outside yourself, borrow my eyes for just an instant ... There is only beauty. - Author: Tessa Dare
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#8. Culture is about humanizing people. You look at the African-American civil rights movement, you look at the LGBT rights movement - the culture changed before the politics did. - Author: Jose Antonio Vargas
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