Top 48 Sky Rainbow Quotes

#1. Somebody once said that the Irish derived the greatest benefit from the English language. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter, they fling it at the sky like paint pots full of rainbow colors.

Malachy McCourt

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#2. People want black-and-white answers, but Scripture is rainbow arch across a stormy sky.

Sarah Bessey

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#3. Now is our time. It's our time to chase rainbows and build castles in the sky. It's our time to create a life that we love. Because someday, it will no longer be our time.

Shawn Anderson

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#4. Amir took a deep breath. To his credit, he didn't collapse, curl into a ball, or cry, all of which would have been perfectly acceptable responses to finding out there were squeaky-voiced beings in the sky that would invite you up their rainbow.

Rick Riordan

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#5. It wasn't a pretty sunset. The colors were as expected: violet clouds, bright orange and pink underneath, against the pale blue sky. But the clouds were high cirrus, wispy, and crossed with the contrails of F-16s, a colorful glowing mess. I said, It looks like God barfed a rainbow.

Jennifer Echols

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#6. The sky itself is the eighth color of the rainbow, spread over the whole sky for us, all the time.

Kim Stanley Robinson

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#7. You are the rainbow that adds color to my gray skies.

Avijeet Das

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#8. When a rainbow spreads across the sky it is reminding the world that beauty comes in all colors.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#9. Einstein was wrong! IM the speed of like CRACKING through shivery rainbows and GOD the sky whirls and withers like a melting RAINBOW!

Grant Morrison

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#10. Raindrops blossom brilliantly in the rainbow, and change to flowers in the sod, but snow comes in full flower direct from the dark, frozen sky.

John Muir

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#11. Sextants that divided the sky into angles not found in the usual geometries, microscopes whose hermetically sealed lenses distorted the viewed object into shimmering rainbow images, other instruments whose complexity and manifold adjustments quite overwhelmed my powers of speculation as to their use

K.W. Jeter

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#12. As I watch, the sky fills with clouds of snow feathers from every kind of bird there ever was and even some that only exist in the imagination, like the bluebirds that fly over the rainbow.

Kate Atkinson

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#13. What does it matter, she thought, if businesses are left unattended, if people are not always as we want them to be; we need the time just to be human, to enjoy something like this: a boy chasing ants, a dry land drinking at last, birds in the the sky, a rainbow.

Alexander McCall Smith

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#14. When your sky is covered with the clouds of sadness, smile like the sun and paint your own rainbow.

Debasish Mridha

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#15. Rainbows are said to be beautiful!
Rainbows are said to be colourful!
Rainbows may possibly be magical!
But, I have never seen a rainbow appearing in the sky!


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#16. I saw the lovely arch Of rainbow span the sky, The gold sun burning As the rain swept by.

Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth

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#17. And where the deepest current crawls/ Like thistledown the dainty fly falls./ Then from the depths a silver gleam/ Quick flashes, like a jewel bright./ Up through the waters of the stream/ An instant visible to sight/ As lightning cleaves to sombre sky/ A rainbow rises to the fly.

John Buchan

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#18. Just look at the sky when the rainbow appears and all the richness of
colors will fascinate you completely.

Eraldo Banovac

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#19. You can be Han Solo," he said, kissing her throat. "And I'll be Boba Fett. I'll cross the sky for you.

Rainbow Rowell

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#20. The rainbow across the sky after a storm confirms Your kindness and Your forgiving heart.

Euginia Herlihy

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#21. I adore the sky wearing rainbow shawl of love for the birds so that they could fly free in warmth after the storm

Munia Khan

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#22. This man didn't sweeten his words to get to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Instead he rode the colorful rays at his own pace, made the sky his bitch and took everything he wanted when he was good and ready.

Aline Hunter

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#23. Knowing too that [the sky] was just a kind of rainbow made it glorious. A rainbow that was blue everywhere and covered everything.

Kim Stanley Robinson

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#24. Love is like a colorful street. Let it blossom into the sky like a rainbow by walking it with the ones you Love

Arsi Nami

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#25. The rainbow began to appear, and sometimes two rainbows, like a mother and her daughter, the one young and beautiful, and the other an old and faint shadow. The rainbow was called the python of the sky.

Chinua Achebe

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#26. In Isleta the rainbow was a crack in the universe. We saw the barest of all life that is possible. Bright horses rolled over and over the dusking sky.

Joy Harjo

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#27. * The blackest cloud I've ever seen squatted over Mussoorie, and then it hailed marbles for half an hour. Nothing like a hailstorm to clear the sky . Even as I write, I see a rainbow forming.

Ruskin Bond

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#28. Love is a rainbow curving down from the sky, falling crystals of color, shades of warm that never die.

Phil Ochs

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#29. Love, he thought. That too is love. The old miracle. It not only casts a rainbow of dreams against the gray sky of facts - it also sheds romantic light upon a heap of dung - a miracle and a mad mockery. Suddenly he had the strange feeling of having become, in a remote way, an accomplice.

Erich Maria Remarque

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#30. The rainbow bending in the sky, Bedecked with sundry hues, Is like the seat of God on high And seems to tell thee news: That, as thereby he promised To drown the world no more, So by the blood which Christ hath shed He will our health restore.

George Gascoigne

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#31. The rainbow in place of the unicorn? Why didn't God just restore the unicorn? We animals would have been happier with that, instead of a big hint in the sky about God's magnanimity every time it stopped raining.

Julian Barnes

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#32. There's a rainbow in the sky, all the time, don't be blind

Ziggy Marley

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#33. My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky: So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man;

William Wordsworth

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#34. I see the rainbow in the sky, the dew upon the grass; I see them, and I ask not why they glimmer or they pass. With folded arms I linger not to call them back; 'twere vain: In this, or in some other spot, I know they'll shine again.

Walter Savage Landor

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#35. I must say my heart leaped up, as Jeeves tells me his does when he beholds a rainbow in the sky.

P.G. Wodehouse

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#36. I don't want a rainbow... Rainbows have too many colors and none of them receive the appreciation they deserve... I'd prefer a fading red or a striking golden, a shimmery silver or a sober blue... Ruling the sunset sky alone!

Debalina Haldar

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#37. For the young, let me tell you the sky has turned brighter. There's a glorious rainbow that beckons those with the spirit of adventure. And there are rich findings at the end of the rainbow. To the young and to the not-so-old, I say, look at that horizon, follow that rainbow, go ride it.

Lee Kuan Yew

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#38. A rainbow in the sky or a bird that can fly often create Joy that money can't buy!-RVM


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#39. Rain, rain, and sun! A rainbow in the sky!

Alfred Lord Tennyson

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#40. Can you know the mighty ocean? Can you lasso a star from the sky? Can you say to a rainbow ... 'Hey, stop being a rainbow for a second'? No! Such is Mango!

Chris Kattan

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#41. (In our city spring came from the sky, not from the soil, which was ruled by stone that recognizes no seasonal change. The change of the season could be glimpsed in the thinning of clouds, the appearance of the birds and the occasional rainbow.)

Ismail Kadare

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#42. In the distant golden sunset sky, a magnificent rainbow is opening wings to fly.

Debasish Mridha

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#43. The rainbow is elusive, and its colors but the illumination of tears ...

Alice Dunbar Nelson

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#44. If chance be the Father of all flesh,
Disaster is his rainbow in the sky,
And when you hear
State of Emergency!
Sniper Kills Ten!
Troops on Rampage!
Whites go Looting!
Bomb Blasts School!
It is but the sound of man worshiping his maker.

Steve Turner

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#45. It was still very wet under the trees. A careless tug at a branch might flip cold rainbow-edged drops down your back. And the sky was gray as concrete. But they enjoyed the silence, the soft sucking ground matted with last year's needles.

Jean Thompson

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#46. If you were the sky, I would unfurl myself in you, as a rainbow of colors yet unseen. I would become oceans of stars in your night.

Vanna Bonta

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#47. Mild arch of promise! on the evening sky Thou shinest fair with many a lovely ray, Each in the other melting.

Robert Southey

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#48. How oft, - be witness, Guardian of our days! ... The sky besprinkled o'er with rainbow hues, As if angelic wings had wanton'd there; ...

Robert Montgomery

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