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#1. Axonn sighed. "Just like the good old days," he said. "Now I remember why I hated them so much.

Greg Farshtey

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#2. When you have the national narrative being "crack is awful and black people are using it," why go against that narrative when you want to get that publication in The New York Times or wherever? It encourages people to play right into it.

Carl Hart

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#3. Never mind the public, even my appliances refused to acknowledge me.

Lynda Bellingham

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#4. I only wish Chet Atkins could be here for this joyous occasion.

Brenda Lee

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#5. I don't have the time to curl up on my couch with a good book.

Angie Harmon

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#6. A scene gets cut a few frames here and there, but there's a cumulative effect to it, and then the music needs to be reworked. It's demanding, but when you see the improved cuts, it's always better.

Atticus Ross

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#7. There are people that bring artists to me to look at it and it's a question of whether I like their music and their look and if I think there's something they have that makes them different and commercial.

Kenneth Edmonds

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#8. Being an entrepreneur is tough. Really, really tough.

David S. Rose

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#9. True science teaches us to doubt and, in ignorance, to refrain.

Claude Bernard

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#10. Absolutely nothing visible to the eye provides a reason for or even evidence of those terrifying shifts which can in a matter of moments reconstitute a simple path into an extremely complicated one.

Mark Z. Danielewski

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#11. No one wants to believe that the formula for happiness is as simple as daydreaming, controlling your schedule, napping, eating right, and being active every day.

Scott Adams

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#12. It will be a gay world. There will be lights everywhere except in the minds of men, and the fall of the last civilization will not be heard above the din.

Herbert Read

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#13. Always happens with men. They promise friendship. They promise to treat you as an equal. In the end, all they want is to possess you.

Rick Riordan

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#14. I make pop culture.

Frank Ocean

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#15. I have been waiting twenty years for someone to say to me: "You have to fight fire with fire" so that I could reply, "That's funny-I always use water."

Howard Gossage

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