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#1. My wife and I just prefer Seattle. It's a beautiful city. Great setting. You open your front door in the morning and the air smells like pine and the sea, as opposed to bus exhaust. - Author: Ron Reagan
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#2. There is something about the way that Greek poets, say Aeschylus, use metaphor that really attracts me. I don't think I can imitate it, but there's a density to it that I think I'm always trying to push towards in English. - Author: Anne Carson
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#3. You're not allowed to have legs and not use them.
Dance. - Author: Dianna Hardy
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#4. It's a very neurotic time we live in, this postanalytical period where everybody goes to a shrink to solve their problems. - Author: Peter Riegert
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#5. The ability of dandelions to tell the time is somewhat exaggerated, owing to the fact that there is always one seed that refuses to be blown off; the time usually turns out to be 37 o'clock. - Author: Miles Kington
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#6. Achievements, seldom credited to their source, are the result of unspeakable drudgery and worries. - Author: Richard Wagner
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#7. To get to know someone so different from myself as an octopus, and to know that the individual recognised me and even enjoyed my company, was an enormous privilege. The octopuses I came to know were strong but gentle, and the suction of their suckers tasting my skin pulled me like an alien's kiss. - Author: Sy Montgomery
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#8. As massive numbers of homeless, hungry, unemployed, drug-addicted, illiterate, and mentally ill people vanish behind its walls, the social problems of extreme poverty, homelessness, hunger, unemployment, drug addiction, illiteracy, and mental illness become more ignorable, too. - Author: Maya Schenwar
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#9. Worrying is as futile as boredom, but harder work. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#10. The Tao is in all things, in their divisions and their fullness. What I dislike about divisions is that they multiply, and what i dislike about multiplication is that it makes people want to hold fast to it. So people go out and forget to return, seeing little more than ghosts. - Author: Zhuangzi
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#11. Having little money to spend was a valuable learning experience. My schooling also shaped my work ethic because while other children were listening to the Goons, I was studying, which enabled me to go to Cambridge University. - Author: Eric Idle
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#12. And yet, something has changed for the better. We have rediscovered that capitalism is not the answer, but the question. - Author: Eric Hobsbawm
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#13. I'm not going to have a baby until I'm around 30-something. - Author: Rita Ora
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