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#1. Reason has to be strengthened by suffering, and suffering opens the eyes of understanding. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#2. It is not love that matters, Mistress Boy, it is what you choose to do with it. What'd you choose to do with yours? - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#3. On the other hand, the waging of peace as a science, as an art, is in its infancy. But we can trace its growth, its steady progress, and the time will come when there will be particular individuals designated to assume responsibility for and leadership of this movement. - Author: Fredrik Bajer
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#4. Love is a choice. - Author: Gary Chapman
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#5. I've learned over time that every editor has told me when you're getting that much hate, you don't talk about it. You just kind of don't give it oxygen and let it go away. It's almost - not always, but almost - always the best policy. - Author: Joel Stein
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#6. We never hid anything from the kids. I feel whole again, I really do. I've told them, 'Mommy's boo-boo is much better now.' - Author: Wanda Sykes
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#7. Live Life Freelance - Author: Self-help Summaries
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#8. Anger is an expensive luxury in which only men of certain income can indulge. - Author: George William Curtis
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#9. After the death of John Laurens, Hamilton shut off some compartment of his emotions and never reopened it. - Author: Ron Chernow
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#10. Whether interpreting the Constitution or filling in the blanks of a law or a regulation, every word of the court's opinion can widen or narrow our rights as Americans and either protect us or leave us more vulnerable to any winds that blow. - Author: Herb Kohl
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#11. The negro has maintained his racial purity by his well known habit of
avoiding baths - Author: Che Guevara
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#12. I always say that AMC hires filmmakers, and they let them be filmmakers. - Author: Michelle MacLaren
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