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Top 9 Sigmund Freud Theories Quotes

#1. The creator of Bambi was secretly writing pornographic novels on the side. This single fact tells you everything you need to know about turn-of-the-century Vienna, and why it was the perfect place for Sigmund Freud and his far-fetched theories about the human psyche. - Author: Eric Weiner
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#2. Underneath all the skin, we're all the same. - Author: Steve Guttenberg
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#3. I try to write something that would interest anybody and keep them turning the page. You must have a plot and good storyline. - Author: Ernest Gaines
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#4. Do you always touch strangers?" I question, trying to ignore the warmth of his hand and the way I have to remember to breathe.
"You've been upgraded to acquaintance," he winks. "This is completely appropriate. - Author: Teresa Michaels
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#5. Yes, we were looking for a Faith spin-off, but then Faith backed down. Eliza got a really wonderful offer over on Fox in a show, and, for reasons I didn't talk to her about, she decided to go there, and everyone respects that. - Author: James Marsters
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#6. You can't help people that don't want to be helped. - Author: John Armstrong
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#7. To design is to plan, to order, to relate, and to control. In short, it opposes all means of disorder and accident. - Author: Emil Ruder
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#8. I've never been that uncomfortable talking about it. Things come out [in the media] about me. When it's out, it's someone else's version of what's the matter with me. I want it to be my version of what it is. My recourse is to do my version. - Author: Carrie Fisher
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#9. I am not a fan of Sigmund Freud because his theories are not testicle. - Author: Richard Wiseman
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