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Top 12 Shots Of Awe Quotes

#1. The unenvied man is not enviable.


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#2. Never let anyone know what you're thinking - always know what the other thinks of you.

Gregory David Roberts

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#3. I think if a poet wanted to lead, he or she would want the message to be unequivocally clear and free of ambiguity. Whereas poetry is actually the home of ambiguity, ambivalence and uncertainty.

Billy Collins

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#4. Nobody knows anything about Shakespeare the person. It's all legend, it is all rumor.

Jeanette Winterson

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#5. Determine your destination, choose a path, now with all your heart start going there.

Debasish Mridha

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#6. The real test of love is when a person - including you - can know your weaknesses, your stupidities and your smallnesses, and still love you.

Dossie Easton

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#7. Every age might perhaps produce one or two geniuses, if they were not sunk under the censure and obloquy of plodding, servile, imitating pedants.

Jonathan Swift

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#8. You will like her," he persisted. "Egad, she's after your own heart, maman! She shot me in the arm."
"Voyons, do you think that is what I like?

Georgette Heyer

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#9. The foundation of a good relationship with intentions & goals is keeping in mind that the primary aim of setting and working toward them is to feel the way you want to feel.

Danielle LaPorte

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#10. I think Morse's thing about being a poor policeman but a good detective is a very good description of him.

John Thaw

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#11. He was probably a Sagittarius, like Rosalie herself, born with a quiver of arrows, and a license to be an asshole.

Frank Portman

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#12. I don't even know how to speak up for myself, because I don't really have a father who would give me the confidence or advice. And if you're always the new kid, you never get a chance to adapt, so your confidence is just zilch.


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