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Top 9 Short Kind Hearted Quotes

#1. I have got airplanes, zeppelins and apparatus. - Author: Drew Ali
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#2. Americans have never really caught on to the idea of sheep. I think they think it's cissy. - Author: Hugh Laurie
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#3. When I was younger I probably didn't understand something basic about tact, but I think it kept faint-hearted people at arm's distance and that's not such a bad thing, because life is short and I know the kind of people I want to work with. - Author: Debra Winger
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#4. I'm anti-Valentine's Day. I don't believe - and this goes for anybody - your man shouldn't love you for one day out of 365. He should love you 365 days out of the year. I want Valentine's Day every day. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#5. Learning has to come from doing, not intellectualizing. - Author: Derrick Jensen
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#6. I'm glad that I just played baseball, because I'm sure I had a much longer baseball career than I would've had a football career. I did miss football, but I didn't miss some of the injuries from football. - Author: Barry Larkin
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#7. He thrust into me as if he were trying to climb into my soul. - Author: T.M. Frazier
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#8. I can't take his genius any more. - Author: Rita Hayworth
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#9. If you attach your mind to any ideology, you're going to be on a road, and that road may or may not lead you in a good direction. But you're gonna stay on that road because you are attached to an ideology. It could be a terrible road, but you stick with it regardless of rational thinking. - Author: Joe Rogan
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