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#1. Here is what is needed for Occupy Wall Street to become a force for change: a clear, and clearly expressed, objective. Or two. - Author: Elayne Boosler
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#2. Wives and such are constantly filling up any refrigerator they have a claim on, even its ice-compartment, with irrelevant rubbish like food. - Author: Kingsley Amis
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#3. Just because a stock is down doesn't mean it's a great buy. - Author: Charles Schwab
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#4. Yesterday I told a chicken to cross the road. It said, "What for?" - Author: Steven Wright
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#5. I can picture certain things in my mind, while writing the script, but then I can also tell that everyone else might be a little confused about what it's supposed to look like at the end of the day. But it all works out. I find a way. - Author: Rob Zombie
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#6. I am going to become a writer for Cosmo - you don't have to make any sense at all. Or maybe I'll be a bloke, they don't have to make sense either. - Author: Louise Rennison
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#7. I bought Doc Martens when I was 13, and I wore them pretty much every day until I was 20. They stank, and my dad wouldn't even let them in the house, but I was completely in love with them. - Author: Suki Waterhouse
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#8. Some moments supersaturate, take on almost more than one tiny fragment of time can hold. How ... can you hold this sort of memory of someone and at the same time just try to seem normally, regularly, pleased when she comes back to visit for a few days every few years? - Author: Carol Anshaw
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#9. Driving in your world seems a bit dangerous. - Author: Missy Lyons
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