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Top 21 Short Classic Sayings

#1. And all of this, all these physical aspects of painting at that time excited me very much. You could do a picture in just black and white. I mean all the things, whether you're soliciting permission or not, do give you permission. - Author: Robert Rauschenberg
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#2. A letter to Dear Abby: I am a twenty-three-year-old liberated woman who has been on the pill for two years. It's getting pretty expensive and I think my boyfriend should share half the cost, but I don't know him well enough to discuss money with him.* (f) - Author: Walker Percy
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#3. Few areas which are not publicly owned can boast as many footpaths as the Cuckmere Valley. For a short walk, a footbridge across the river leads back to the little hamlet of Milton Street, where another classic local pub, the Sussex Ox, provides an admirable lunch. - Author: David Hewson
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#4. If you have the right actors and you can give them the freedom to explore, you've done a lot of your work as a director. - Author: Andy Garcia
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#5. Compared to relationships, events and programs make me think of ice skates gliding across ice. Relationships make me think of gum on the bottom of a shoe on a hot day. - Author: Jonathan Leeman
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#6. Had Elizabeth Bennet known how wildly Darcy's heart beat for her, 'Pride and Prejudice' would barely have made it into a short story. Their torturously slow-burning romance is a classic example of how men and women still struggle to communicate the most basic of emotions. - Author: Mariella Frostrup
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#7. Using the word chic while insulting someone doesn't make it okay. - Author: Luella Christie
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#8. Your fiery spirit excites me, Keirah, like nothing I have ever felt before. Yet I have the overwhelming desire to put you over my knee when you don't do as you are told. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
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#9. Love doesn't die; the men and women do. - Author: William Faulkner
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#10. Unfortunately, some in Washington remain tied to the dogma that responsible energy development cannot be achieved without taking a wrecking ball to the environment. - Author: Roy Blunt
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#11. I'm engaged in the dance of the ages and the search for a song to go with it. Though Templeton's A Veritable Smorgasbord is a well-deserving classic, it's a stanza too short for my morphing existence. So I write my own. - Author: Chila Woychik
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#12. I was fed up with the situation I found myself in in the 1960s. I didn't like being a barrister's wife and going out to dinner with other professional people and dealing with middle class life. It seemed claustrophobic. - Author: Caryl Churchill
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#13. The real force of Silicon Valley is the mentality, the spirit. There's no reason at all that can't be replicated in Paris. - Author: Xavier Niel
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#14. As a graduate student I studied mathematics fairly broadly, and I was fortunate enough, besides developing the idea which led to 'Non-Cooperative Games,' also to make a nice discovery relating to manifolds and real algebraic varieties. - Author: John Forbes Nash Jr.
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#15. The story of a life can be as long or as short as the teller wishes. Whether the life is tragic or enlightened, the classic gravestone inscription marking simply the dates of birth and death has, in its brevity, much to recommend it. - Author: Michel Houellebecq
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#16. I didn't fall into the category of the 'classic Bond girl.' I had short hair - and no Bond girl before me ever had. They put me in a wig at the beginning of the film, and then had my character cut her hair to pretend to be someone else. That was to explain why my hair was short. - Author: Carey Lowell
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#17. I like my first lines short and declarative. No complicated sentences. Of course, that's not really a Scott thing. It's pretty classic grab-the-reader technique. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#18. I enjoyed hitting in the Major Leagues more than in the Minor Leagues. I didn't want to tell anybody it was easier, because I didn't want to sound cocky. But Major League pitchers had better control, and most of them were around the plate. - Author: Willie McCovey
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#19. I have only read very classic traditional English ghost stories, other than Henry James, who wrote some magnificent short ones as well as the longer 'Turn of the Screw.' He, Dickens, and M.R. James are my influences. - Author: Susan Hill
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#20. Rueful, bittersweet, funny, written with tenderness and bite, Merrill Feitell's stories, like so many classic short stories, are made from the plain and painful stuff of this world, and haunted by the possibility, and the impossibility, of a better one. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#21. It's very difficult for designers today. How can someone produce so many shows? Now the minimum is four a year. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
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