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#1. You know how I play it, better safe than sorry 'stead of searching for substance at every single party. - Author: Drake
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#2. The most complete human being is he or she who consciously or unconsciously obeys the profound physical laws of our being in such a way that the spirit receives as much help and as little hindrance from the body as possible. - Author: Marie Stopes
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#3. I do look at fashion, and I love going to Opening Ceremony and seeing what they have. Seeing what Jeremy Scott is doing. And this designer Bernhard Wilhelm. Proenza Schouler. - Author: Jim Drain
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#4. If I do a poetry reading I want people to walk out and say they feel better for having been there - not because you've done a comedy performance but because you're talking about your father dying or having young children, things that touch your soul. - Author: Roger McGough
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#5. The point of life was to press on, to do the best you can, to make the world a better place. - Author: Tom Clancy
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#6. You can't skip any stage of your life, it's all part of the molding process into a better you - Author: Nike Campbell-Fatoki
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#7. The voluntary relinquishing of responsibility for our lives and our actions is one of the greatest enemies of our time. - Author: Genesis P-Orridge
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#8. It is better to be tied to any thorny bush than to be with a cross man. - Author: Lady Gregory
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#9. But sometimes the males of the species brought home shiny, beautiful things,
with hope burning in their hearts. - Author: Sherry Thomas
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#10. In regard of the rich grace and wisdom of his love toward his people; for who sees not, but that it is a curse to be unready as these foolish virgins, who were therefore shut out. - Author: Thomas Shepard
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#11. Everything I wear is a do and everything else is a don't! - Author: Christian Siriano
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#12. If we feel secure In the depths of our heart, We shall not challenge anybody, For inner confidence Is nothing short of Complete satisfaction. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
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#13. Welcome the One that has kissed you from within.
It is from inside everything comes. - Author: Mooji
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#14. All the men I know add that "hands that prepared it" line. They must know it's right complimentary, an incentive to keep the women cooking. - Author: Vicki Covington
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#15. We should find out as much as possible about someone before coming into conflict with him. - Author: Aesop
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