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#1. It was Chase who had obtained the information from the girl's boyfriend during a party in an Irish pub, simply by using his British friendliness and charm. - Author: Stefania Mattana
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#2. In March the soft rains continued, and each storm waited courteously until its predecessor sunk beneath the ground. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#3. It is a sin of the soul to force young people into opinions ... but it is culpable neglect not to impel young people into experiences. - Author: Kurt Hahn
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#4. Time goes fast, the world is one paradox full of answers and questions. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#5. A quarter of my life has been spent on 'Secret Life.' I'm 20 and I've been doing it for five years, so I think the best moments have been when all the cast members get to work together and we get to collaborate and share experiences. We all grew up together. - Author: Shailene Woodley
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#6. But when you go weeks without that same 190 pounds in your bed, the truth is, it felt kind of nice to sleep underneath that. Or at least, off to the side just a little bit. I loved him, but I loved my kidneys too. - Author: Alice Clayton
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#7. Let others say what they will of the efficacy of prayer, I believe in it, and I shall pray. Thank God! Yes, I shall always pray, - Author: Sojourner Truth
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#8. Shine like a candle of love to enlighten the world like the moon. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#9. Last fight I had with the bitch ended way too soon."
Eddie rolled his eyes and glanced at Jim. "It was in the Middle Ages and he still hasn't gotten over it. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#10. My son, Edward, at 4, to a neighbor boy who was being a pain in our backyard: "Oh, don't whine. my mom will throw you right out of here. - Author: Cynthia Jo Mahaffey
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#11. For a man learns more quickly and remembers more easily that which he laughs at, than that which he approves and reveres. - Author: Horace
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#12. Democracy represents the dictatorship of the exploiting classes. - Author: Che Guevera
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#13. If you haven't cried, your eyes cannot be beautiful - Author: Sophia Loren
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#14. Hindsight plays tricks on our minds. - Author: Jeremy Siegel
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#15. The moral judgments and acts of the soul all involve an exercise of reason, so that it is impossible to separate the ethical and intellectual functions. - Author: Robert Lewis Dabney
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