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#1. You don't sound like a librarian," she said.
"I'm on vacation," Jacqueline laughed. "Well, I supposed there is an image, isn't there? But stereotypes are awfully misleading. there are typical librarians, but not all librarians are typical. Any more than any other profession. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
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#2. A true champion is not judged by how much he or she is admired, but by how well they can stand at the face of adversity. - Author: John Cena
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#3. It's so funny because a lot of times we'll have these discussions as writers, and you feel like you're having a discussion with your wife: 'I don't know. Are they ready to have another baby? Is it time? Well, she's not getting any younger.' - Author: Jason Katims
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#4. The one thing my mother instilled in me, well both my parents but specifically my mother - I come from a Muslim country where boys were more wanted than girls so she always made me feel that there is nothing that I couldn't do as well as the boys if not better. - Author: Iman Abdulmajid
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#5. Harriet was silent, thinking, and then she said, "It is too hard to be a person. You don't only have to go on and on. You have to be
" she looked for the word she needed and could not find it. Then, "You have to be tall as well," said Harriet. - Author: Rumer Godden
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#6. She also knows full well that "shy" is a negative word in our society. Above all, do not shame her for her shyness. - Author: Susan Cain
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#7. It seemed to me he was well rid of Maureen, if she really was disturbing him to the extent that it appeared; but being judicious about other people's love affairs is easy, often merely a sign one has not understood their force or complexity. - Author: Anthony Powell
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#8. For what are the classics but the noblest thoughts of man? They are the only oracles which are not decayed, and there are such answers to the most modern inquiry in them as Delphi and Dodona never gave. We might as well omit to study Nature because she is old. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#9. Jesus is always with you, even down the pit. At the time he had thought she was just telling him to behave well. But she had been wiser than that. Of course Jesus was with him. Jesus was everywhere. The darkness did not matter, nor the passage of time. - Author: Ken Follett
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#10. I love Tom Wilkinson and Tommy Lee Jones as well as Jessica Chastain. But the person I look up to most, not because I identify with her roles but because of who she is as a person, is Sissy Spacek. - Author: Jordan Gavaris
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#11. Well, no. I'm not saying I'm not enjoying this immensely. She feels heavenly in my arms. Fits perfectly. And if we are fated, the least you can do is let me hold her." Jasper to Dodge (Crossover) - Author: Mireille Chester
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#12. Yes, she was a scandal.
Her brother simply didn't know it.
"I fell in the Serpentine today."
"Yes, well, that doesn't usually happen to women in London. But it's not so much of a scandal as it is a challenge. - Author: Sarah MacLean
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#13. I'm having a nervous breakdown, she thought with relief. I'm about to lose my mind, and that's just as well, because this cannot possibly be fixed. It is simply not fixable. - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#14. Everyone knows that for a woman to conceive in the act of coition she, as well as the man. must be satisfied. Is that not true?
Of corse it is true. - Author: Robin Maxwell
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#15. Well, I hate to tell you this," she said, "but your friend is an asshole."
"He's not my friend," said Simon. "And I couldn't agree with you more, actually."
-Maia & Simon about Jace, pg.49- - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#16. Well,Sir," she began,"I am twenty-one years old & still a virgin. I have never experienced sexual intercourse. My hymen is not broken.Old men say that a virgin's Nectar is good for them. I understand that you want to buy. I want to sell."[MMT] - Author: Nicholas Chong
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#17. with a woman's life expectancy at eighty-four years, it is reasonable to expect that she will not only live thirty to forty years beyond menopause, but be vibrant, sharp, and influential as well. The menopause you will experience is not your mother's (or grandmother's) menopause. - Author: Christiane Northrup
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#18. To show a 'well-founded fear of persecution', an alien need not prove that it is more likely than not that he or she will be persecuted in his or her home country. - Author: John Paul Stevens
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#19. I go for my completely routine mammogram and then I get a call from my gynecologist. And she says, 'Well, I have some - it's not such great news, but here it is, but it's very small and we're just going to get in there and take it right out, right away, and then you'll probably have radiation.' - Author: Cynthia Nixon
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#20. Well, she wore far too much rouge last night, and not quite enough clothes. That is always a sign of desperation in a woman. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#21. Mrs. Hilbery would have been perfectly well able to sustain herself if the world had been what the world is not. She was beautifully adapted for life in another planet. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#22. He's very nice. He's something I replied. She considered this zipping her purse shut. Then she said Well everyone is. Everyone is Something. For some reason that stuck with me simple and yet not every since she'd said it. It was like a puzzle as well two vague words with one clear one between them. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#23. Ultimately the product that any writer has to sell is not the subject being written about, but who he or she is. - Author: William Zinsser
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#24. He likes you. You like him, you're just scared. Well," she glanced over her shoulder and dropped her voice, "unless you tell me he's some freaky psycho-killer ... " I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Then I'm not letting you mess this up for yourself. Your creepy hermit status is officially over. - Author: A&E Kirk
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#25. America ... goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. - Author: John Quincy Adams
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#26. There is a great quote from a female writer. She said, 'If you don't break out in a sweat of fear when you write, you are not writing well enough. I tend to agree. I think my best pictures come when I push myself. - Author: Sally Mann
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#27. She was beginning to understand that it is not enough to love someone deeply; you also have to learn to love them well. - Author: Louis De Bernieres
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#28. Woman is adept at getting money for herself and will not easily let herself be deceived; she understands deceit too well herself. - Author: Aristophanes
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#29. I should explain - in view of my last letter, you may find it slightly surprising - that Daphne and I are now bosom friends. That is to say, she seems to think we are; and I do not feel that I know her well enough to dispute it. - Author: Sarah Caudwell
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#30. I think Serena Williams is the best tennis player of this generation, if not the best ever. It is amazing for her to be playing as well as she is at the age of 31. - Author: Samantha Stosur
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#31. You're bisexual."

Travis grimaced. "No, I'm not. I'm straight. I just am attracted to guys sometimes."

She laughed, actually laughed, albeit bitterly. "Well, what do you think bisexual is, stupid? - Author: Brandon Witt
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#32. Aunt Agatha is like an elephant- not so much to look at, for in appearance she resembles more a well-bred vulture, but because she never forgets. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#33. It's funny about me,' Sophia said. 'I always feel like such a nice girl whenever there's a storm.'
"'You do?' Grandmother said. 'Well, maybe ...' Nice, she thought. No. I'm certainly not nice. The best you could say of me is that I'm interested. [pp. 150-151] - Author: Tove Jansson
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#34. Cooper took his hat off and swiped his forehead. Finally he spoke. "Well, Frank, to my mind, what a woman does or doesn't do should be up to the woman. She should be who she is, not what others expect her to be." It's her land. As far as I'm concerned she's the boss. - Author: Stephanie Grace Whitson
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#35. She is not fair to outward view
As many maidens be;
Her loveliness I never knew
Until she smiled on me.
Oh! then I saw her eye was bright,
A well of love, a spring of light. - Author: Hartley Coleridge
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#36. She seems somewhat morose and out of sorts. Do you beat her often?'
'I must admit that I do not.'
'There is the answer! Beat her well; beat her often! It will bring roses to her cheeks! There is nothing better to induce good cheer in a woman than a fine constitutional beating. - Author: Jack Vance
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#37. This was when she asked him whether it was true that love conquered all, as the songs said. 'It is true', he replied, 'but you would do well not to believe it. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#38. This season is a lot funnier, not as dark, mainly because, well, she has accepted the fact that she is dead. She knows she cannot go back to where she was when she was alive. - Author: Ellen Muth
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#39. When I read Katana's run in 'Birds of Prey,' I was curious about her restraint. She didn't laugh, didn't loosen up, didn't seem to have a light side. I thought, well, that demure nature is what we believe of women of Old Japan, so she seemed not like a modern Japanese but from an earlier time. - Author: Ann Nocenti
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#40. She endured. And survived. Marginally, perhaps, but it is not required of us that we live well. - Author: Anne Cameron
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#41. I feel as if part of me is now made of sorrow, some new and tender organ that will pain me until the day I die. I know Maren is safe and well, and made beautiful in all ways. My grief is not for her but for myself - because I miss her . . . because she is missing from me. - Author: Carrie Anne Noble
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#42. McGlade is a bit, um, abrasive," Jack said. "If he says something rude, you have to promise not to kill him." I smiled. Jack didn't. "I'm serious. Promise me." "I promise. I don't kill people just because they're rude." "Yeah, well, that's because you haven't met Harry yet." She - Author: J.A. Konrath
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#43. I'm very different to my mum. I'm not as beautiful as she is, nor - she probably despairs about this - as groomed. I certainly rebelled against her idea of looking well turned-out. I spent several years with a shaved head in jeans and baggy shirts. - Author: Natascha McElhone
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#44. She doesn't know," Cate said. "Kellen is a secret. I didn't think my mother would approve."
"Why wouldn't your mother approve?" Pugg asked.
"It's my job," Kellen said. "I kill people. It pays well, but it's not universally socially acceptable. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#45. When a woman excels at her job, both male and female coworkers will remark that she may be accomplishing a lot, but is "not well-liked by her peers." She is probably also "too aggressive," "not a team player," "a bit political," "can't be trusted," or "difficult. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#46. Well, yes, but it's not about the football."
"You're saying that football is not about football?"
"It's the sharing," she said. "It's being part of the crowd. It's chanting together. It's all of it. the whole thing. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#47. Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well. She exists for no other end. Do not resist. With the least inclination to be well, we should not be sick. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#48. [Phoebe Broome] 'Well,' she said at last. 'You've now met my father. At his worst.'
[Lord Vladimir] 'Being myself widely considered my family's most difficult member, I would not presume to comment.'
'That is ... gentlemanly of you. - Author: Alison Sinclair
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#49. I want to offer particular congratulations to Andrea Leadsom on her stunning achievement. She is now well placed to win and replace the absurd gloom in some quarters with a positive, confident and optimistic approach, not just to Europe, but to government all round. - Author: Boris Johnson
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#50. I can tell you that she's not breathing," he said. "She has no heartbeat and all organ function and brain activity have stopped. Also her body temperature is now at seventy-three degrees."
"So you're saying that she's dead," I said.
"Well, I can't prove it, but, yes, I am leaning that way. - Author: John Zakour
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#51. I'm not gonna lie, I love Usain Bolt and Serena Williams. What I love about Serena is that she just gets on the floor and she dominates. She handles her business very well, I respect that. - Author: Gabby Douglas
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#52. Upon my word," she cried, "the young man is determined not to lose any thing for want of asking. He will connect himself well if he can. - Author: Jane Austen
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#53. She has impossibly high standards.'
'So do you.'
'Yeah, well, not impossibly high. Someone did come along who meets them.'
'Your problem is thinking no one else ever will. - Author: Eric Lindstrom
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#54. Today when a man gets married he gets a home, a housekeeper, a cook, a cheering squad and another paycheck. When a woman marries, she gets a boarder. To define it rudely but not ineptly, engineering is the art of doing that well with one dollar, which any bungler can do with two after a fashion. - Author: Duke Of Wellington
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#55. Nothing, I suppose, exasperates a woman more than the sexual desire for her of a man who is physically repellent to her, and when, to put it bluntly, he will not take no for an answer, she may very well come to hate him. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#56. Nature herself is not always unambiguous. Sometimes a girl child may have so well-developed a clitoris that it is assumed she is a boy. Likewise, many male children may be underdeveloped, or their genitals deformed or hidden and it is assumed that they are girls. - Author: Germaine Greer
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#57. Truth certainly would do well enough, if she were once left to shift for herself ... She is not taught by laws, nor has she any need of force, to procure her entrance into the minds of men. - Author: John Locke
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#58. Life is uncertainty and struggle, choice and change; one who knew how her life was woven into the Pattern as well as she knew how a thread was laid into a carpet would have the life of an animal. If she did not go mad. Humankind is made for uncertainty, struggle, choice and change. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#59. As long as she is alive and well and happy in this world, I will find a way to be happy as well, even if it is not beside her - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#60. In a cruel manner of speaking, this young woman may well have lost her head before she was born; it is certainly not on her shoulders at this stage of the game. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#61. What is so exquisite is that not a word has been said by me or by her, but we understand each other so well in this unseen language of looks and tones that this evening more clearly than ever she told me she loves me. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#62. She dreamed that night of chickweed, which was a strange thing to dream about. Chickweed is a low, weedy little plant, not very distinguished. No one writes poetry comparing their lovers to chickweed (or if they do, the poems are rarely well received). - Author: T. Kingfisher
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#63. Nature is all very well in her place, but she must not be allowed to make things untidy. - Author: Stella Gibbons
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#64. Will you beat me if I say no?" he whispered fearfully.
September thought she might cry. "Oh ... oh dear. Not all the world is like that. Well. I am not like that. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#65. Woman knows man well enough where he is weak, but she is quite unable to fathom him where he is strong. The fact is that man is as much a mystery to woman as woman is to man. If that were not so, the separation of the sexes would only have been a waste of Nature's energy. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#66. She sowed in my mind the idea that reality is not only what we see on the surface; it has a magical dimension as well and, if we so desire, it is legitimate to enhance it and color it to make our journey through life less trying. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#67. Ryuu stepped forward. "Meryn, listen carefully. Elizabeth is not only your new sister, she will also be your Yoda. She will teach you and guide you in the ways of using the force, so that you will master paranormal politics. Learn well, young padawan." He clapped a hand on Meryn's shoulder. - Author: Alanea Alder
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#68. The secrets of nature are concealed; her agency is perpetual, but we do not always discover its effects; time reveals them from age to age; and although she is always the same in herself, she is not always equally well known. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#69. She frowned."You're not very friendly."
I let out a short laugh."What?I'm not friendly to a ghost who floats into my house and starts touching me?Well,excuse my rudeness but this is a little disturbing. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#70. If she loved him the way she said she did, she wanted him whole. Maybe this was what love meant after all: sacrifice and selflessness. It did not mean hearts and flowers and a happy ending, but the knowledge that another's well-being is more important than one's own. - Author: Melissa De La Cruz
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#71. Time, though you've probably lived all your life believing the contrary, is not money. If you run out of money, there are many ways to scrounge up more. If you run out of time - well, that's all she wrote. - Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
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#72. ...this was what she had been taught: To choose marriage and babies over a glamorous career would be an unthinkable failure. Love was supposed to be the by-product of a life well lived not the goal. And this is what she realized: Everything she had been taught was wrong. - Author: Jade Chang
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#73. What really matters is not how well a character fits a definition, but how strongly he or she resonates. Characters with strong, resonant ideas at their core will have more of an impact on the cultural consciousness than a character who's just an empty collection of attributes. - Author: Kurt Busiek
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#74. It's not that she is a bad driver, just a bit ... Umm ... well, quick to arrive at her destination should we say, whereas I would prefer to take my time and get there in one piece without getting beeped at. - Author: Stephanie Hudson
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#75. My mother is probably the wisest person I've ever known. She's not schooled, she's not well read. But she has a philosophy of life that makes well-read people seem like morons. - Author: Gene Simmons
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#76. In moments of exaltation one expressed sentiments that outstripped one's spiritual capabilities by a vast span; and she knew well that unless God is sought for Himself alone, with a selflessness of which she was at present incapable, He is not to be found. - Author: Elizabeth Goudge
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#77. We joined a Conservative synagogue. I began learning through engagement, rote and reading. Suddenly, I belonged ... well, to the extent that a novelist can ever feel she is part of a group; we may be part of a minyan, but we're not fully merged into the community. - Author: Susan Isaacs
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#78. Cooking is woman's work." She tilted her head to one side, examining him like he was something unpleasant she'd stepped in. "Do you know how to build a house?" "What? No." "But that's man's work." "I'm not that kind of man." "Well, I'm not that kind of woman." Bedeckt - Author: Michael R. Fletcher
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#79. Olympe is not one for affected charades, the way some people in the building are, to prove that because she is a well-brought-up-child-of-leftists-without-prejudices she is conversing with the concierge. - Author: Muriel Barbery
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#80. If he is strong, then we'll have to be quick and clever," she said in a cheerful tone."A bit of trickery may be needed as well."
"Ach, ye sound like a Highlander," he said. "In Gaelic we say, an ten ach mbionn laidir ni follair do bheith glic." He who is not strong must be cunning. - Author: Margaret Mallory
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#81. No guy is ever gonna be like, 'Well, I'm not into her because she just doesn't seem into me!' That's never been a complaint for why a guy doesn't like a girl. Ever! That's an attractive thing, so always err on the side of aloofness. - Author: Nikki Glaser
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#82. Mary is a very well-written typical eldest child in that she puts her own needs at the forefront ... She's not as inclined to conciliate or placate. Cora is fascinated by Mary - Author: Jessica Fellowes
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#83. It is unrealistic to assume that if all goes well in a child's life, he or she will be happy. Happiness is not something one can ask of a child. Children suffer in a way that adults don't always realize under the pressure their parents put on them to be happy. - Author: Adam Phillips
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#84. One who knows what he or she knows as well as what he or she does not know is a genius. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#85. I reject the notion that America is in a well-deserved decline, that she and her citizens are unexceptional. I do not believe America is the problem in the world. I believe America is the solution to the world's problems. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#86. Goats did have names for themselves, she well knew: there was 'goat who is my kid,' 'goat who is my mother,' 'goat who is herd leader,' and half a dozen other names not least of which was 'goat who is this goat. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#87. having DID in itself creates intense shame. A person continually has to deal with not remembering what one has said or done. Thus, the person with DID must be quick with inferences and cover-ups. Unfortunately, this often convinces her, as well as others, that she is a liar. - Author: Elizabeth Howell
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#88. She said 'I'm by commission. You don't have to pay anything until you sell anything.' I said, 'Well fine. You want to be my agent and not make anything.' I thought, 'Boy, is she dumb.' - Author: Amy Tan
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#89. She has been bewitched by a wicked sorceress, and will not regain her beauty until she is my wife.'
'Does she say so? Well if you believe that you may drink cold water and think it bacon'. - Author: Andrew Lang
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#90. The question we face is whether this candidate can succeed. The question we seem to answer is whether she interviews well. Let's not substitute. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#91. For me to help him," said Dorothea, ardently. "You have quite made up your mind, I see. Well, my dear, the fact is, I have a letter for you in my pocket." Mr. Brooke handed the letter to Dorothea, but as she rose to go away, he added, "There is not too much - Author: George Eliot
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