Top 7 Sharing Worries Quotes

#1. If he had a bloody gash across his throat and a physiker was trying to sew it up, Lamora would steal the needle and thread and die laughing.

Scott Lynch

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#2. I share my happiness and sorrow
Cos I know for once there will be no tomorrow
If I wish to live in your memories
I too have to be there to share your worries
Speak up to your friend, am just a call away

Prashant Balan

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#3. The adversary must first be made into a demon before people will accept the war. This was why during the Cold War, the U.S. government became infuriated at any

Mark Kurlansky

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#4. The first atrocity, the first war crime committed in any war of aggression by the aggressors is against the truth.

Michael Parenti

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#5. You know worries are made to be shared, don't you?

Osman Welela

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#6. Hope and light and motion, her soul whispered. Hope and formation and fusion, Hope and heat and accretion. The miracle of gravity. The miracle of transformation. Each precious thing is destroyed and each precious thing is saved. Hope, hope, hope.

Kelly Barnhill

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#7. When I began listening to saxophones, I was first attracted to Coleman Hawkins.

Gerry Mulligan

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