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#1. In fact, if there was one thing Tabitha had learned from the weekend thus far, it was that people had all sorts of facades about them, covering tucked-away bits of badness and goodness. Fear and courage. Helplessness and hope. - Author: Jessica Lawson
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#2. I don't even pursue girls anymore. I mean, I could obviously still pursue girls. It's not like I can't. But I don't have to pursue girls anymore. Girls come to me. - Author: Tucker Max
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#3. CHORUS: And so, while the fool slept the sleep of the dead, the beautiful Jewess snipped off the tip of his willy. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#4. Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience. - Author: Steven Furtick
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#5. Failures are part of life lessons.
Keep trying no matter how many times you fail. You will one day succeed. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#6. I stood up, and my pants ripped completely across the seam. It was inevitable, but for once in my life, my timing had been decent. - Author: Joan Bauer
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#7. Interestingly, my first director's cut was an hour and forty-one minutes. Then, the studio actually wanted to add more to the story, so we went all the way up to an hour and forty-seven minutes. After that, I made some additional cuts and now we are where we are. - Author: Kim Jee-woon
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#8. Before leaving, I met them briefly. Thad and Ruben were among them. Then there was Annar, Orion, Stephan (pronounced Steh-fawn), - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#9. We never consider that the things dogs know about us are things of which we have not the faintest notion. - Author: Jose Saramago
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#10. Like madness is the glory of life. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#11. Efficiency, which is doing things right, is irrelevant until you work on the right things. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#12. You really are a pain in the ass," he laughs. I swat him playfully, laughing too as a single tear rolls down my cheek. He wipes it away and tucks my hair behind my ear, "But you're my pain in the ass. - Author: Kandi Steiner
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