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Top 10 Shakespeare's Scribe Quotes

#1. A liberal society stands on the proposition that we should all take seriously the idea that we might be wrong. This means we must place no one, including ourselves, beyond the reach of criticism; it means that we must allow people to err, even where the error offends and upsets, as it often will. - Author: Jonathan Rauch
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#2. We are like the wizard who weaves a labyrinth and is forced to wander through it till the end of his days - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#3. Fifth of American families lived on farms in the 1930s, - Author: Gail Collins
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#4. If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important - and you do that by being genuine and humble. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#5. We can't force a child to learn but we can feed his hunger. - Author: Ted Agon
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#6. So when thinking about what kind of company to build, there are two distinct questions to ask: What secrets is nature not telling you? What secrets are people not telling you? - Author: Peter Thiel
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#7. All this we see, and, therefore, instead of inanely repeating the old formula, Respect the law, we say, Despise law and all its Attributes! In place of the cowardly phrase, Obey the law, our cry, is Revolt against all laws! - Author: Peter Kropotkin
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#8. Microkernels are not a pipe dream. They represent proven technology. - Author: Andrew S. Tanenbaum
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#9. In my Indian bedroom, the carved, cut-out marble jalis, or screens, which were formerly used by Indian princes to keep their wives from other eyes, have a new purpose: they are not only decorations, but a means of security, for they can be locked without shutting off the air. - Author: Doris Duke
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#10. Devotion to God, righteousness and wisdom, will keep us safe on earth. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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