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Top 15 Shakespeare Bawdy Quotes

#1. Perhaps we are in this world to search for love, find it and lose it, again and again. With each love, we are born anew, and with each love that ends we collect a new wound. I am covered with proud scars. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#2. The truth of war is not always easy. The truth is always more heroic than the hype. - Author: Jon Krakauer
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#3. Uhhh yea, just did. 30 years ago. You - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#4. One of the reasons why I love to do Shakespeare is that this great artist was able to talk to a wide variety of audiences. He could do the bawdy plays and the humor and the clowns-as you know, because you're a wonderful Stephano-that speaks to the populace, the masses, the groundlings, whatever. - Author: Julie Taymor
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#5. Novelists go about the strenuous business of marrying and burying their people, or else they send them to sea, or to Africa, or at the least, out of town. Essayists in their stillness ponder love and death. - Author: Cynthia Ozick
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#6. The most tragic consequence of our criticism of a man is to block his way to humiliation and grace, precisely to drive him into the mechanisms of self justification and into his faults instead of freeing him from them. For him, our voice drowns the voice of God. - Author: Paul Tournier
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#7. The government is ethics rape in perpetuity - Author: Stefan Molyneux
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#8. Heavenly bodies are nests of invisible birds. - Author: Dejan Stojanovic
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#9. At some point, all lies are brought to the surface and truth comes forth no matter how hard we try to hide it. - Author: Gabrielle Bernstein
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#10. The ultimate storyteller is Shakespeare, who was able to get the 'groundlings' to laugh at his bawdy humor and storylines but could still be studied by scholars to this day for the complexity of his language, meter, and symbolism. That's the real guy. - Author: Jon Favreau
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#11. I am a product ... I'm a comedian. I'm not curing cancer. In the end, I tell jokes. I make people laugh. I make sense out of ridiculous situations, but in the end, it's all about laughter. It's all about your cheek hurting, your stomach hurting. - Author: Carlos Mencia
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#12. I'm not going to let our fans down, - Author: Rex Ryan
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#13. If a movement is to have an impact it must belong to those who join it, not those who lead it. - Author: Simon Sinek
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#14. In jazz, there is a lot of European influence harmonically. - Author: Dexter Gordon
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#15. She nodded, jotting something in her notebook.
You're writing that down? Has the interview started?
Lee, whenever you're talking to a reporter, you're being interviewed. - Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
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