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#1. If you're the Olympic champion then they have to wait four more years to get you again.

Usain Bolt

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#2. Brilliant. [Lasdun] seems to me certainly among the most gifted, vivid, and deft poets now writing in English, and far better than many who are more famous. His capacities are solidly established; his promise is nearly infinite.

Anthony Hecht

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#3. After I left the Pumpkins, I went home and just sat around. I have a studio in my basement, and I found myself writing all these songs, just taking advantage of the relaxed situation. I wrote about 30 songs in about 30 days.

Jimmy Chamberlin

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#4. His timing might not be our timing, but it is always perfect.

Karen Witemeyer

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#5. In performing experiments, it is necessary ... that they be simplified as much as possible, and that every circumstance that could complicate the results should be completely removed.

Antoine Lavoisier

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#6. If consumers found fulfillment at any meaningful level, she extemporized, corpocracy would be finished.

David Mitchell

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#7. Really, he could have just punched me in the stomach, because my brain refused to comprehend the words he was saying. A physical assault, it might have understood.

Tammara Webber

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#8. Built like an oak tree, against which I could pitch my pillow and read; mornings, I could curl into the crook of your branches.

Lionel Shriver

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#9. It is really hard to be lonely very long in a world of words. Even if you don't have friends somewhere, you still have language, and it will find you and wrap its little syllables around you and suddenly there will be a story to live in.

Naomi Shihab Nye

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