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#1. It's amazing how many of the things needed for a basic biology lab are capable of blowing up, if you're willing to try very, very hard, and don't much care about possibly losing a few fingers in the process. - Author: Mira Grant
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#2. Every problem has a gift for you in its hands as my man Richard Bach says. You can choose to see the curse or the gift. And this one choice will determine if your life is a success story or one big soap opera. - Author: Jon Gordon
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#3. In a world that contains tragedies, we must realize that they're vastly outnumbered by blessings. - Author: David Jeremiah
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#4. Twenty-five, six-foot-something Colombian-American. Unshaven jaw, windswept brown hair, and a never-ending gruff expression. Like the universe just took a giant shit on his head. - Author: Becca Ritchie
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#5. Strategic personal qualities you can base your self-confidence on are those which are interesting for all mankind. - Author: Rossana Condoleo
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#6. I didn't expect to get it at all. I just went along to the audition for the experience. - Author: Dannii Minogue
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#7. Your job as a producer is to make suggestions without putting your ego in front of everything else. Also, I think you want to focus on that artist's best qualities and really highlight them. - Author: Adam Schlesinger
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#8. It isn't just a village. The houses aren't just places to live. Everything belongs to everybody. Everyone belongs to everyone else. Even a single person can make a difference. - Author: Joanne Harris
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#9. When a book is read an irrevocable thing happens - a murder, followed by an imposture. The story in the mind murders the story on the page, and takes its place. - Author: Mike Carey
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#10. I had a burning ambition. Otherwise, I wouldn't have accomplished it. - Author: Claire Bloom
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#11. Thy faith never looks so grand in summer weather as it does in winter? - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#12. Love on the rocks, ain't no surprise. Pour me a drink and I'll tell you some lies. - Author: Neil Diamond
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#13. Were it not for the leaping and twinkling of the soul, man would rot away in his greatest passion, idleness. - Author: C. G. Jung
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#14. Play with a foole at home, and he will play with you in the market. - Author: George Herbert
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#15. And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy;
And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields. - Author: Kahlil Gibran
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