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#1. Without execution, thinking is mere idleness. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#2. If God loves human beings and seeks to relate to them because he is drawn to something unique about them, then his love must be exclusive and cannot be universal. - Author: Meir Soloveichik
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#3. If hard work is the key to success, most people would rather pick the lock. - Author: Claude Maxwell MacDonald
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#4. Who wants to know that the person you love and need the most can just vanish forever - Author: Jandy Nelson
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#5. I have wondered all my life what I am made of, if there is a straw inside of me, or a beating heart, or if I simply burned for all I did not have. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#6. Alas! Charles made the promise glibly, and forgot all about it. - Author: Whipplesnaith
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#7. Right now I just finished writing the music for a Rugrats feature film and the third week of September I go to London, and the Orchestra is going to perform the score. - Author: Mark Mothersbaugh
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#8. Watching Madonna puffing on a cigar on David Letterman's show, I thought, 'Gosh, she's feeling so India! All she needs is long, black hair and a trip to the Caribbean to burn her skin up.' - Author: La India
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#9. Time cannot do to ordinary things what we timelessly do to one another. - Author: William H Gass
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#10. Miss the present and you live in boredom. BE in the present and you will be surprised that there is no boredom at all. Start by looking around a little more like a child. Be a child again! That's what meditation is all about: being a child again - a rebirth, being innocent again, not-knowing. - Author: Rajneesh
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#11. Instead of enjoying the Present Moment, why Dream of things beyond your reach and become miserable?-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
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#12. There aren't that many female role models in science. There are a couple of women, but mostly you've got Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss - they're all guys. Bill Nye the Science Guy. I love that guy, but it's all guys. - Author: Elise Andrew
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#13. There are three orchestras in Munich, all world-quality, in a city of one million. Yet every hall is full. - Author: Zubin Mehta
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#14. Don't be sad if Allah separated you from something or someone you love. if only we knew what His plans were for us, our hearts would melt with the warmth of His love - Author: Noname
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