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#1. People tell me they idolise me, want to be like me, but I tell them, 'trust me, you don't want my life.' I've been a very tortured soul.

Phil Spector

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#2. I thought about how often this was needed in everyday life. How we feel lonely, sometimes to the point of tears, but we don't let those tears come because we are not supposed to cry.

Mitch Albom

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#3. The reason the government sells the census as your ticket to getting goodies - rather than as your civic duty - is that distributing goodies is now all the government does.

Tom G. Palmer

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#4. Real intimacy depends on truth - lovingly told - especially in the bedroom.

Joyce Brothers

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#5. People who aren't complicated in real life come through as pretty bland on the screen. Most great performers are not very happy and well adjusted. Perhaps that's the price they pay for being originals.

George Cukor

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#6. First-world science is one science among many; by claiming to be more it ceases to be an instrument of research and turns into a (political) pressure group.

Paul Feyerabend

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#7. You have to discard your own stereotypes. Remember, there's no such thing as normal.

Amy S. Wilensky

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