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#1. I have found over the years that American soldiers and airmen thrive on competition. - Author: William H. Tunner
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#2. I dont get that
people going to war over religion. I dont know, I could see going to war over justice or democracy or even revenge. But if youre going to war over religion, now youre just killing people in an argument over who has the better imaginary friend. - Author: Richard Jeni
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#3. These clashes are the only evolu-tionary possibility which will enable us one day, now that Fate has given us the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler, to create the Germanic Reich. - Author: Heinrich Himmler
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#4. I am so used to being able to express myself from being an actor. So when people don't understand me, I'm just completely lost. - Author: Liev Schreiber
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#5. Wouldst thou know thyself, observe the actions of others.
Wouldst thou other men know, look thou within thine own heart. - Author: Friedrich Schiller
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#6. Seattle's Moraine not only make Washington State proud, but also the whole American progressive music scene joyful ... It's simply an impressive dead on eleven song tour de force ... GET THIS! Highly Recommended! - Author: Lee Henderson
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#7. At the height of the British Empire very few English novels were written that dealt with British power. It's extraordinary that at the moment in which England was the global superpower the subject of British power appeared not to interest most writers. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#8. My dog didn't like me very much. My first dog, Dmitri, was a poodle. I used to think Dmitri was something I could play with and ride. I tried to ride a poodle. And then he bit me. - Author: Jennifer Aniston
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#9. There is no worse situation to be in than Oscar night. Not knowing whether you've won is completely draining. - Author: Nick Park
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#10. But you have to let go of the past first or you won't believe a word she says. - Author: Brenda Novak
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