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#1. If Christ is the head of the church and we are the body, lets be disciples who master the noise. - Author: Eric Samuel Timm
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#2. I used to sleep in the desert once every week, now it is every two weeks, most of the time alone. It's beautiful. What I enjoy is taking my food and cooking for myself. - Author: Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
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#3. I think you should be angry if you're angry. But it's also true that hate has a way of hurting you more than the person you're hating. - Author: Stephanie Oakes
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#4. You are not your past. You are bigger than your past and you are better than your past. Let it be part of who you've become, but don't you dare let it define you. - Author: Lexi Ryan
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#5. So in the end, what is a moment? One action? A single deed? Or is it more? Is a moment like a school of silver fish? The sum of many singular parts forming one cohesive unit? I tend to think so. Because the moment I met Ryan, that was just one of the sum parts. - Author: Marie Hall
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#6. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. (Truvey Jones) - Author: Robert Harling
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#7. The less you do to beautiful food, the better it's going to taste. You don't need to mess with it all the time. - Author: Gail Simmons
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#8. Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves. - Author: Satya Nadella
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#9. My choices were never wrong. - Author: Anthony Anderson
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#10. I'd still say that visiting the stores and listening to our folks was one of the most valuable uses of my time as an executive. But really, our best ideas usually do come from the folks in the stores. Period. - Author: Sam Walton
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#11. Art is harmony. Harmony is the analogy of contrary and of similar elements of tone, of color and of line, conditioned by the dominate key, and under the influence of a particular light, in gay, calm, or sad combinations. - Author: Georges Seurat
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#12. You just have to learn to get really good at choosing your moments and making sure that your story isn't overwhelmed by the effects, and that your emotional storyline is what's driving the train. - Author: J.H. Wyman
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#13. Our mind is a flowing something. It oscillates. Concentration is merely the continuous return to the same problem from a million angles ... So my problem is this: Can I bring the Lord back in my mind-flow every few seconds so that God shall always be in my mind? - Author: Frank Laubach
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#14. Bringing a child into the world is the greatest act of hope there is. - Author: Louise Hart
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#15. I didn't view myself as attacking the boss. I viewed my boss at ESPN as the publisher and president of ESPN. - Author: Gregg Easterbrook
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