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#1. How many of you text message? It's a great way of not communicating.

Greg Giraldo

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#2. Your madness is silent and your sanity makes a racket.

C.D. Reiss

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#3. It's as if people used the invention

John Lanchester

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#4. Conscience is the reason employed about questions of right and wrong.

William Whewell

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#5. When I am sharply judgmental of any other person, it's because I sense or see reflected in them some aspect of myself that I don't want to acknowledge.

Gabor Mate

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#6. Possible is more a matter of attitude, A matter of decision, to choose Among the impossible possibilities, When one sound opportunity Becomes a possible solution.

Dejan Stojanovic

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#7. Rise up, O LORD; O God, lift up your hand; do not forget the oppressed.


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#8. That's what alcoholics do. It's in their job description: fall apart and then keep falling apart.

Audrey Niffenegger

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#9. For a suburban man aged 30 to 40, hell is going clothing shopping on a Saturday afternoon. There are about 5,000 other things they would put on the list ahead of clothes shopping.

Richard Hayne

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#10. The maximum expression of running dogs is the Iditarod. You enter a state of primitive exaltation, and you never return. You're never normal again.

Gary Paulsen

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#11. From now on, I want you to practice reframing other people's negativity as a reminder of how not to be.

T. Harv Eker

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#12. For a highly motivated learner, it's not like knowledge is secret and somehow the Internet made it not secret. It just made knowledge easy to find. If you're a motivated enough learner, books are pretty good.

Bill Gates

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#13. Henry Kissinger is the greatest living war criminal in the world today, with the blood of millions of people in Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos and Chile and East Timor on his hands. He will never appear in a court or be behind bars.

George Galloway

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