Top 18 Senile Dementia Quotes

#1. For a second, I see into the future: she's old and grey, she has senile dementia and can't remember my name. The thought pretty much breaks my heart in two.

Liz Kessler

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#2. He had senile dementia and liked to go outside naked, but he could still do two things perfectly: win at checkers and write out prescriptions.

Barbara Kingsolver

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#3. I think that what happens in my poetic work in the future will depend on my being knocked in the face, and thrown flat, and given cancer, and all kinds of other things short of senile dementia.

John Berryman

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#4. Nurse, if she didn't have more money than any person ought to have, you might be tempted to call it senile dementia. As it is, she is in for a rest and a check-up.

Robert A. Heinlein

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#5. In the movies Paris is designed as a backdrop for only three things
love, fashion shows, and revolution.

Jeanine Basinger

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#6. Wherefore is this? Because our common enemy, the Devil, endeavours with all his might to oppose the intentions of the God-man, Christ. He endeavours to do everything in opposition to what Christ did and does.

John Of Kronstadt

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#7. In commendably seeking to protect freedom of speech, we must not lower our defences against the evil of racial and religious intolerance.

Barry O'Farrell

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#8. And if you feel that everyone has rejected you and your ideas let me tell you this, you are most assuredly in good company.

James Van Fleet

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#9. I've been playing music most of my life.

Adam Duritz

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#10. Having lived with kings, I have become a king in my own home.


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#11. I'm not a tacky person, I think.

Claire Denis

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#12. There's a real cowardice in the movie business. If you don't meet the right crazy people, you can't do it.

Leos Carax

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#13. You could penetrate anybody if you consistently put out love. Some people can't handle it.

Tony Robbins

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#14. Close your eyes, all you see is yours.

Jean Giraudoux

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#15. But it was a restless sleep, and throughout the night her dreams were filled with crying children, a woman screaming and a little butterfly, trapped in a cold, grey prison.

Gemma Malley

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#16. Sith Nature thus gave her the praise,
To be the chiefest work she wrought,
In faith, methink, some better ways
On your behalf might well be sought,
Than to compare, as ye have done,
To match the candle with the sun.

Henry Howard, Earl Of Surrey

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#17. I love Nic Cage. He was so much fun to work with.

Diane Kruger

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#18. The most insidious thing about trickle-down economics is not the claim that if the rich get richer, everyone is better off. It is the claim made by those who oppose any increase in the minimum wage that if the poor get richer, that will be bad for the economy. This is nonsense.

Nick Hanauer

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