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#1. Beware the perfumed seneschal. - Author: George R R Martin
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#2. Where you are headed is more important than how fast you are going. Rather than always focusing on what's urgent, learn to focus on what is really important. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#3. Ireland is also quite nice. So is Amsterdam. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
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#4. I don't have any particular thing I do ritualistically. I do the same thing every day. I get up. Drink a lot of water. Have a wheatgrass shot. Drink some green juice. Eat as healthy as I can. - Author: Erykah Badu
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#5. When I was 16, I got 'Jamon, Jamon.' Of course, I had to lie about my age. And I had to lie to my parents about the content of the script. - Author: Penelope Cruz
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#6. Swords. That is no faenorn ; that is slaughter."
The Grand Seneschal shrugged. "The Master did not protest. And, indeed, what weapon could he have suggested that would suit him any better?"
"Fire," she said.
"He would not," said the Seneschal. "You know he would not. - Author: Robin McKinley
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#7. In bluntest terms, art museums risk being commercial institutions in which art is subsumed by economics and the experience of looking at art becomes a form of consumption. - Author: Amy Whitaker
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#8. Play until it's time to rest, then rest until it's time to play. - Author: Martha Beck
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#9. Sundance Supply has a neat material calculator and free greenhouse designs-Great Prices! - Author: Shane Smith
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#10. The Kid told me that he thought gay people were supposed to be classy, but then he looked me up and down and said that even nice stereotypes can be a detriment to society because I obviously wasn't classy. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#11. Could it be that we made arbitrary decisions at some point in the past (like the goslings that adopted Lorenz as their parent) and have built our lives on them ever since, assuming that the original decisions were wise? - Author: Dan Ariely
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#12. To see how seriously men take things and yet how little their seriousness profits them. Their tragedy makes our mediocrity all the more terrible. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#13. Writing is like playing golf - you have to keep working at your swing. - Author: Bill Simmons
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#14. We have won the time lottery of the last 4 billion years. - Author: Stefan Molyneux
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#15. Wondering if God loves us when we're cheating? Oh, but why he lets us feel things, if it's wrong. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#16. I can only tell you that I've done this thing, and was compelled, somehow, to do so. - Author: Jasper Siegel Seneschal
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#17. The thing which makes one man greater than another, the quality by which we ought to measure greatness, is a man's capacity for loving. - Author: Arthur Helps
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#18. Time having transformed his own body into a storehouse for man-made contraptions designed to fend off collapse ... there was only our bodies, born to live and die on terms decided by the bodies that had lived and died before us. - Author: Philip Roth
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