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#1. When I think of Robert Frost's poems, like "The Road Not Taken", I feel the support of someone who is on my side, who understands what life's choices are like, someone who says, "I've been there, and it's okay to go on". - Author: Fred Rogers
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#2. Nineteen years, three months, and one week before I found Seivarden in the snow, I was a troop carrier orbiting the planet Shis'urna. - Author: Ann Leckie
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#3. Two identical things do not exist at all, so there is no need to be 'somebody.' You just be yourself, and suddenly you are unique, incomparable. That's why I say that this is a paradox: those who search fail, and those who don't bother, suddenly attain. - Author: Rajneesh
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#4. I've been thinking about it, since you said it," said Seivarden. No, said Mercy of Kalr. "And I've concluded that I don't want to be a captain. But I find I like the thought that I could be. - Author: Ann Leckie
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#5. Her whole life had been a long and easy dream to lull her helplessly into this waking nightmare. - Author: Stephen King
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#6. It just seemed so odd as people had never commented on my body before. Every woman obsesses over her figure, but I was happy, I felt sexy - I never thought about it. I know this sounds naive, but I honestly never expected this kind of attention. - Author: Christina Hendricks
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#7. One day, soon after the Buddha's enlightenment, a man saw the Buddha walking toward him. The man had not heard of the Buddha, but he could see that there was something different about the man who was approaching, so he was moved to ask, Are you a god? - Author: Steve Hagen
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#8. Nothing is wholly obvious without becoming enigmatic. Reality itself is too obvious to be true. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#9. Their pretensions are naked and vulnerable and for that reason, to me at least, rather charming. - Author: Julian Fellowes
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#10. Id be happiest standing at the back, strumming my little banjo where no one could see me. - Author: Rupert Grint
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#11. You can't have a future until you accept the past. That doesn't mean you have to live the way you used to, but it does mean you can't deny what made you who you are. You made mistakes. Own them and move on. - Author: Tammy L. Gray
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#12. I do not begrudge Bill Clinton's working for his wife, but the one thing I would say is really important to President Clinton to think about right now, because of the larger megaphone he has as a former president, he really needs to be careful with the truth. - Author: Claire McCaskill
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#13. Religion and nationalism, as well as any custom and any belief however absurd and degrading, if it only connects the individual with others, are refuges from what man most dreads: isolation. - Author: Erich Fromm
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#14. Pain is a warning," said Anaander Mianaai. "What would happen if you removed all discomfort from your life? No," Mianaai continued, ignoring Seivarden's obvious distress at her words, "I value that moral indignation. I encourage it. - Author: Ann Leckie
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#15. Varden's suppurating cuticles," said Seivarden. "Lieutenant, - Author: Ann Leckie
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#16. I think hitting is more a mentality than a philosophy. A philosophy is somebody telling you the way they think it should be. Well, different people believe in different things. My thing is this: Be ready to hit. - Author: Chili Davis
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