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Top 9 Seinfeld Bookstore Quotes

#1. Sometimes our heroes let us down. - Author: Shannon Mullen
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#2. A bookstore is one of the only pieces of physical evidence we have that people are still thinking. - Author: Jerry Seinfeld
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#3. The Crown doesna always pick the wrong man to hang, Sassenach," he said. "More often than not, the man on the end of a rope deserves to be there. And I shouldna like to think I've helped a villain to go free. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#4. Replace what you don't know about the future with what you do know about God! - Author: Christine Caine
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#5. In the past I have defended the right of the IRA to engage in armed struggle. I did so because there was no alternative for those who would not bend the knee, or turn a blind eye to oppression, or for those who wanted a national republic. - Author: Gerry Adams
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#6. Me? Kachka, you love me!" "I love your beauty. I have no use for you personally. You represent all that we hate." "Why do you talk to him so?" Elina asked. "He cannot help that he is beautiful but worthless." "I am not worthless! I am Gwenvael the - " "We do not care, lizard!" Kachka barked. - Author: G.A. Aiken
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#7. Baby, you didn't have to do that," Beckett whispered fiercely. "But thank you so fucking much. You look gorgeous today."
Livia kissed his cheek and let go of his arm so he could hug Kyle.
"Hey, Fairy Princess, I think you may be the hottest married chick alive right now," Beckett said. - Author: Debra Anastasia
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#8. When I look back on the years of excessive self-doubt, I wonder how I was able to make my paintings. In part, I managed to paint because I had a desire, as strong as the desire for food and sex, to push through, to make an image that signified. - Author: Miriam Schapiro
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#9. The shape of your character is the shape of your future. - Author: Erwin McManus
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