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Top 15 Scottish Words Or Sayings

#1. then smiles. "Well, if I end up going to the - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#2. Gray's watchful gaze made her want to squirm as he stepped to her side and tucked her arm into his. "I'd be more than honored to claim ye as friend."
Claim ye. There was something about the way he said those two words that made her look forward to his claiming whatever he wanted. - Author: Maeve Greyson
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#3. What the fuck happened to Smith?" He just turned into my obsession. That's what happened. Bric - Author: J.A. Huss
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#4. She must continue to live life one day at a time. Neither the past nor the future existed for Eva.
She clenched her fist around her reins, drilling in the words she must never forget: 'there can only be the now. - Author: Amy Jarecki
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#5. I'll tell you, the screws' faces painted an even greater picture than my words can describe. We kept emptying our pots in the hall for two weeks before the screws started emptying our piss pots for us, but this didn't last too long after we started calling them bellhops. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#6. I've worn so many things, I've tried on so many things ... I've spent probably thousand of hours in fittings. I can know so quickly how something's going to feel on me, look on me. It's a pretty fast courtship. I say yes or no pretty quickly. - Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
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#7. Her face grew suddenly serious as she cupped his cheek in her palm. "Oh how I love you, William." The angel had spoken.
He closed his eyes and let her words seep into his soul. - Author: Amy Jarecki
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#8. Robert Burns enriched Scottish song with his genius and is mainly responsible for the rich treasure house of song that we enjoy today. He collected folk songs, retained the melodic line, kept what words were usable and rewrote the rest. He didn't claim ownership. - Author: Jimmy Reid
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#9. I'm not the same. How could I be the same? - Author: Hilary T. Smith
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#10. But know this, the lass will wed you -- her words -- and if you wed another in the interim, it will go badly for you."
Marcus smiled. He loved her and if it was in his power to do so, they would be wed. - Author: Terry Spear
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#11. An hour later and a faint movement caught my eye. Mum was weakly flapping her hand, beckoning me to her. I had no idea how long she had been trying to attract my attention. As I bent over to catch her last words she whispered, 'turn that bloody music off - Author: Laura Marney
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#12. There are times when I'm driving home after a day's shooting, thinking to myself, That scene would've been so much better if I had written it out. - Author: Larry David
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#13. An educated patient is empowered; thus, more likely to become healthy. - Author: Dean Ornish
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#14. Only for you, fan-girl." He tossed her towel. "And I like when you blush, so go ahead. Mop my sweat, you kinky beast."
-Michael Flynn, Willing Victim - Author: Cara McKenna
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#15. My nerves before a gig got worse; I had terrible bad nerves all the time. Once we started ... I was fine. - Author: John Bonham
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