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#1. It is real, Lass.... You are mine as I am yours. - Author: Terry Spear
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#2. The end of the world might be near, Isador said to her once, but we don't have to rush to reach it. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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#3. We're doing it wrong, absolutely wrong! Miss Universe should be about Space Exploration, Miss World about Science and Miss Earth about Going Green! - Author: Manasa Rao
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#4. When Larten heard that Alicia had married, he felt both jealousy and delight. A selfish part of him had hoped she'd mourn for him the rest of her life. But mostly he was happy that she'd found someone who could give her all that he had failed to provide. - Author: Darren Shan
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#5. A song can be a song where somebody thinks you're crazy. A song that gets released has got to be something that everyone can relate to. Most of the songs that I keep are un-relateable for most people - some of the music I make only for myself and the homies. - Author: Schoolboy Q
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#6. I just haven't found anyone that I want to spend long periods of time with ... - Author: Kate Moss
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#7. It's more interesting to be out in the world. than to see it reflected in the mirror. - Author: Steve Lopez
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#8. Victory breeds hatred. The defeated live in pain. Happily the peaceful live,
giving up victory and defeat. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#9. I think, sometimes, artists release music too fast. If you just sit back and listen to the track for a little bit you could pick and choose how you want to do it and see if you really feel the song, because sometimes you might not even like the song after a few listens. - Author: Schoolboy Q
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#10. All life is a jest, Imhotep - and it is death who laughs last. Do you not hear it at every feast? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#11. Hollywood is so strange because a lot of times the battlefield is just a meeting. It's not necessarily like an audition. They've seen clips of you and they know that you can perform and it's a matter of "what is your take on a character"? - Author: Ryan Reynolds
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