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Top 15 School Days Funny Quotes

#1. If you limit your choice only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise. - Author: Robert Fritz
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#2. I mean if there was any justice in the world you wouldn't even have to go to school during your period. You'd just stay home for five days and eat chocolate and cry. - Author: Andrea Portes
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#3. Victory begins when we are willing to run by faith, trusting that he will lead the way. - Author: Tracie Miles
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#4. When d4 is played, Black's strategy requires the immediate capture. Any delay will only encourage White to play d5. - Author: Jon Edwards
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#5. It's become a habit to make films where the father is absent. My father impresses me, but the father figure does not. - Author: Xavier Dolan
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#6. I don't even like the phrase 'opportunity to sin' because it implies the opportunity to obey. - Author: Geoffrey Wood
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#7. I mean, I think people have this mentality that sex is only real if it involves a penis. - Author: Becky Albertalli
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#8. I do not know whether you are fond of chemical reading. There are some things in this science worth reading. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#9. Normally, she would never wish a head injury on anyone, but it might make her days in Archival Studies a bit easier. - Author: Jaleigh Johnson
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#10. The Bible will always be full of things you cannot understand, as long as you will not live according to those you can understand. - Author: Billy Sunday
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#11. Yes, yes, children must early be made to practise piety, godliness, and propriety; a person of good breeding is one into whom 'good maxims' have been instilled and impressed, poured in through a funnel, thrashed in and preached in. - Author: Max Stirner
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#12. It's a huge challenge, a huge responsibility. Bond is a huge iconic figure in movie history. These opportunities don't come along very often so I thought, 'Why not?' - Author: Daniel Craig
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#13. In the night I brush
my teeth with a razor - Author: Kevin Young
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#14. I just loved officiating, and I hope what I did helped make it better. That's what I tell young umpires: you can have fun. I never spent a day where going out on a baseball field didn't make me feel better. - Author: Doug Harvey
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#15. A Man's life is dyed the color of his imagination. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
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