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#1. I am not ridiculing verbal mechanisms, dreams, or repressions as origins of poetry; all three of them and more besides may have a great deal to do with it. - Author: Allen Tate
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#2. The gold-digger is the enemy of the honest laborer, whatever checks and compensations there may be. It is not enough to tell me that you worked hard to get your gold. So does the Devil work hard. The way of transgressors may be hard in many respects. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#3. You took something of mine when you returned to the sea.You took my heart. The wind sighed. The salt air touched his lips like a cool kiss, like the taste of tears. - Author: Virginia Kantra
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#4. Great film roles, they always take you to another place. I'd love to do more of that, but I keep doing lots of voiceovers, some TV spots, and some film roles have come along, so I'm okay. - Author: Benito Martinez
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#5. If you are not doing what your passion is, you are putting it on layaway. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#6. You win when no one finds you, even if they're not looking. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#7. I got involved in fashion by accident. When I got to New York, my intention was to have enough money to eat and to stay and I don't have to leave. I just loved New York - the energy, the culture, the freedom. - Author: Elie Tahari
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#8. Conviviencia - living alongside each other in harmony, whatever their beliefs. For the enemy is not another person who believes in a god. The enemy is ignorance, and people who believe in nothing and care for nothing. - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#9. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from a summer on the Stockholm archipelago. - Author: Bjorn Ulvaeus
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#10. Oh these mathematicians make me tired! When you ask them to work out a sum they take a piece of paper, cover it with rows of A's, B's, and X's and Y's ... scatter a mess of flyspecks over them, and then give you an answer that's all wrong! - Author: Thomas A. Edison
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#11. The intimacy of love absolves us of our guilty separateness. - Author: Mason Cooley
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