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#1. Nature scarcely ever gives us the very best; for that we must have recourse to art. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
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#2. She took me to a mall yesterday"' Lachlain sounded as if he'd just stifled a shudder. "And she pointed to a boy and said, 'I think I want one.' So naturally, I start thinking, Where can I get a wee mortal? But she meant a bairn - our bairn. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#3. Readers of a certain class are apt to call good the plot of that story in which "you can't tell what is going to happen next." But in some of the most tedious novels ever written you can't tell what is going to happen next--and you don't care a fig what is going to happen next. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#4. You can't think seriously about thinking without thinking about thinking about something. - Author: Seymour Papert
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#5. Democracy is a system were ignorants choose a government, comunism is a system where ignorants govern themselves. - Author: Daniel Delgado F.
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#6. I finally found my way back, Ig. I'm okay. I'm where it's safe. - Author: Joe Hill
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#7. Virtue itself scapes not calumnious strokes. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#8. Through my observations, it became clear that most of society's rules and customs are rooted in fear and superstition! - Author: RuPaul
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#9. With the number of people I ignore, I'm lucky I work at all in this town. - Author: Helena Bonham Carter
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#10. My aim is to reflect the actual human-scape, a little bit. - Author: Victoria Mahoney
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#11. People are starting to know more about it, but I was blown away by Almaty, Kazakhstan. It's like a future Swiss Alps. It has the potential to be an extraordinary ski resort. It is a city with beautiful mountain scapes. - Author: Lisa Ling
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#12. What I wanted to do in rock 'n roll was merge poetry with sonic scapes, and the two people who had contributed so much to that were Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. - Author: Patti Smith
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#13. My parents won't let me have a motorcycle, but they give me all the guns I want. I asked them for a motorcycle last Christmas and they told me I'd only kill myself. They got me this twelve-gauge instead. - Author: Scott Thompson
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#14. Some innocents 'scape not the thunderbolt. - Author: William Shakespeare
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