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Top 81 Save The Planet Sayings

#1. Consuming less means throwing away less, while reusing things actually helps to save the planet as well as the pennies. - Author: Sheherazade Goldsmith
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#2. A generation of Earth Days has conditioned millions of us to be green in our homes yet we must apply the same ethic to our politics if we want to save our planet and our democracy. - Author: Christine Pelosi
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#3. It does not cost the world to save the planet, - Author: Ottmar Edenhofer
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#4. If we want to save our planet earth, we have a duty to put an end to the capitalist system. - Author: Evo Morales
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#5. Any group arrogant enough to believe that it has the exclusive ability to "Save the Planet" will inevitably conclude that any crimes are justified in pursuit of its 'higher purpose. - Author: Edward M. Wolfe
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#6. Save the Planet ... Buy Organic - Author: Nancy Philips
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#7. There isn't a violent soul on the planet that God might not save and transform for himself. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#8. I believe it's our loss of connection with our instinctual side that prevents us from being effective pack leaders for our dogs. Perhaps it's also why we also seem to be failing at being positive guardians of our planet. - Author: Cesar Millan
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#9. If only she could jump into the flyer and scurry back across the mountains but she had work to do and a planet to save. - Author: Mary Brock Jones
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#10. My job, my mission, the reason I've been put onto this planet, is to save wildlife. And I thank you for comin' with me. Yeah, let's get 'em! - Author: Steve Irwin
Save The Planet Sayings #222314
#11. The only thing more difficult than being a God is being Thom Yorke. Thom Yorke has all these responsibilities, to save the planet. To save the world. To redeem Thom Yorke. - Author: Thom Yorke
Save The Planet Sayings #256667
#12. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#13. The planet doesn't require saving, and actually hasn't asked Greenpeace to save it. - Author: Felix Dennis
Save The Planet Sayings #292519
#14. I think the most important thing people can do to save our planet and the human race is to empower women! - Author: Robert Ballard
Save The Planet Sayings #323478
#15. Songs won't save the planet, but neither will books or speeches. - Author: Pete Seeger
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#16. The two major challenges for the 21st century are to improve the economic situation of the majority and save as much of the planet as we can. - Author: E. O. Wilson
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#17. We can either save the planet from catastrophic warming, or protect fossil fuel CEOs. Not both. Do the math(s) - Author: Bill McKibben
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#18. A diet that relies heavily on meat production results in higher emissions than a typical vegetarian diet. Different individuals will make different choices. However, the debate about climate change should not be dumbed down to a single slogan, such as 'give up meat to save the planet.' - Author: Nicholas Stern
Save The Planet Sayings #410953
#19. I don't think the world will destroy itself in a nuclear cataclysm. On the contrary, we have the capacity to save ourselves and save the planet, and we will use it. - Author: Isabel Allende
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#20. It is clear that through the partnerships between Global Cool and the International Indian Film Academy, Indian cinema has the potential to provide great leadership by exciting its enormous and enthusiastic audience to do their bit to save the planet - Author: Prince Charles
Save The Planet Sayings #445235
#21. And we will lie down on the ground and have conversations with the grasses and the flowers. - Author: Avijeet Das
Save The Planet Sayings #459236
#22. This is the moment we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands. - Author: Barack Obama
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#23. These people who bang on about saving the planet, it's not the planet they want to save, the planet doesn't need saving. They're concerned solely with preserving the planet so the human race lives on and on, a massive distinction people fail to make - Author: Robert Breeze
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#24. Real change will only happen when we fall in love with our planet. Only love can show us how to live in harmony with nature and with each other and save us from the devastating effects of environmental destruction and climate change - Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Save The Planet Sayings #507850
#25. Can collective intelligence save the planet? It's the only hope we have. - Author: Patrick Joseph McGovern
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#26. Never have the nations of the world had so much to lose, or so much to gain. Together we shall save our planet, or together we shall perish in its flames. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#27. You can say that this is just what aerospace medicine is all about - to save the lives of the men who climb to the high reaches above the Earth and beyond this planet. - Author: Martin Caidin
Save The Planet Sayings #563122
#28. This is the only planet with chocolate, so we've got to save it. - Author: David Wolfe
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#29. I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer. - Author: Denis Hayes
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#30. Energy efficiency should be on the priority list for all home improvement work these days. Canny builders will be able to provide homeowners with energy efficient measures which help them to save money and the planet. - Author: Sarah Beeny
Save The Planet Sayings #599164
#31. If we save the planet and have a society of inequality, we wouldn't have saved much. - Author: James H. Cone
Save The Planet Sayings #599388
#32. Give up meat to save the planet. - Author: Nicholas Stern
Save The Planet Sayings #620723
#33. My job is, I'm a photographer. I'm something of a filmmaker. And primarily, I'm an adventurer. My job is to help people fall in love with their world, their planet. With the understanding that you don't save what you don't love. - Author: Sebastian Copeland
Save The Planet Sayings #622749
#34. To save the planet, we do not need miraculous technical breakthroughs, or vast amounts of capital. Essentially we need a radical change in our thinking and behaviour. - Author: Ted Trainer
Save The Planet Sayings #624274
#35. This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. - Author: Barack Obama
Save The Planet Sayings #676410
#36. I love it when people yell at me about the environment and then I tell 'em I'm burning 90% cleaner than them. - Author: Neil Young
Save The Planet Sayings #679560
#37. If there's reason for hope, it lies in man's occasional binges of cooperation. To save our planet, we'll need that kind of heroic effort, in which all types of people join forces for the common good - Author: George Meyer
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#38. You're you,' he repeats, his eyes full of grief. 'You're the same girl who crashed on this planet with me, who I dragged through forests and over mountains, who climbed through a shipwreck full of bodies to save my life. You're the same girl I loved, and I love you now. - Author: Amie Kaufman
Save The Planet Sayings #698572
#39. If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. That's the single most important thing you could do. It's staggering when you think about it. Vegetarianism takes care of so many things in one shot: ecology, famine, cruelty. - Author: Paul McCartney
Save The Planet Sayings #711304
#40. We shouldn't be saying 'Save the planet'; we should be saying: 'Save viable conditions in which people can live.' That's what we're dealing with here. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Save The Planet Sayings #742726
#41. Nancy Pelosi is committed to her global warming fanaticism to the point where she has said she's just trying to save the planet. We all know that someone did that over 2,000 years ago, they saved the planet - we didn't need Nancy Pelosi to do that. - Author: Michele Bachmann
Save The Planet Sayings #758815
#42. Save the's the only planet with chocolate - Author: Dianne Castell
Save The Planet Sayings #789549
#43. My job, is to show folks there's a lot of good music in this world, and if used right it may help to save the planet. - Author: Pete Seeger
Save The Planet Sayings #861115
#44. Let's be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven't got the power to destroy the planet - or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves. - Author: Michael Crichton
Save The Planet Sayings #886275
#45. Yale University is famous for its Sex Week. It does not have a Dignity of the Worker Week or even a Save the Planet Week. This self-involved focus speaks volumes about the preoccupations of today's ruling class. - Author: R. R. Reno
Save The Planet Sayings #933265
#46. So often we talk about saving the planet, but what we really mean is to save the planet the way it is, so we can live here. So that is can sustain us. - Author: Dave Matthews
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#47. The U.S. people have a major role to play to solve, to save this planet. - Author: Hugo Chavez
Save The Planet Sayings #959460
#48. He stood there for a moment looking around the silent room, shaking his head slowly. All these books, he thought, the residue of a planet's intellect, the scrapings of futile minds, the leftovers, the potpourri of artifacts that had no power to save men from perishing. - Author: Richard Matheson
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#49. Becoming vegan is the most important and direct change we can immediately make to save the planet and its species. - Author: Chris Hedges
Save The Planet Sayings #990977
#50. Humans make the mistake of believing that it is their right to survive. Species die out on this planet all the time without anyone noticing. The planet will still be there, and we must lose this attitude of divine right, that something will save us ... - Author: Sting
Save The Planet Sayings #1025098
#51. Canada has a passive-aggressive culture, with a lot of sarcasm and righteousness. That went with my weird messianic complex. The ego is a fascinating monster. I was taught from a young age that I had to serve, so that turned into me thinking I had to save the planet. - Author: Alanis Morissette
Save The Planet Sayings #1062923
#52. Forget the planet, save the garden. - Author: Colin Cotterill
Save The Planet Sayings #1088364
#53. The best thing we can do to save the planet is set a good example for our kids at home. - Author: Letitia Baldrige
Save The Planet Sayings #1119552
#54. The Anthropocentic Age - the first age in which humankind is the dominant species on the planet - cuts both ways: it is up to us to destroy or save the planet. We certainly have the ability. - Author: Craig Venter
Save The Planet Sayings #1124984
#55. We've been given this gift, our planet, and we've found no other place in the universe that we can inhabit. I want to do something to create radical change to help save it. It's our responsibility. - Author: Leonardo DiCaprio
Save The Planet Sayings #1162472
#56. In order to save the planet it would be necessary to kill 350,000 people per day. - Author: Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Save The Planet Sayings #1181973
#57. Nothing can ever fix nature' not even all monies in the world and money rules, are never worthy following. - Author: Auliq Ice
Save The Planet Sayings #1227525
#58. If we are to save humanity and the planet from the worst mass extinction of all time, worse even than that at the end of the Permian, we must stop at two degrees. - Author: Mark Lynas
Save The Planet Sayings #1304242
#59. If you want to save the humankind,
you should first take care of Nature.
It's the legacy that we leave behind,
That brings us hope, that's for sure! - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
Save The Planet Sayings #1327410
#60. Personally, I believe a rocking hammock, a good cigar, and a tall gin-and-tonic is the way to save the planet. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Save The Planet Sayings #1327803
#61. We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late ... We can save our planet and also boost our economy at the same time. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Save The Planet Sayings #1357299
#62. When we have peace, then we have a chance to save the planet. But if we are not united in peace, if we do not practice mindful consumption, we cannot save our planet. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Save The Planet Sayings #1369370
#63. The (U.K.) government's thesis that the countryside of upland and coastal Britain is 'worth sacrificing to save the planet' is an insult to science, economics and politics. But the greatest insult is to aesthetics. The trouble is that aesthetics has no way of answering back. - Author: Simon Jenkins
Save The Planet Sayings #1390837
#64. I'd probably try to stop the rain forests from being cut down.
I'd probably join the revolution down south somewhere and try to save my life on the planet Earth.
I might go to Libya. I might go see the Ayatollah. I might go to France, catch somebody in France I'm upset with. - Author: Charles Manson
Save The Planet Sayings #1438654
#65. Any scientist can testify that a dead ocean means a dead planet ... No national law, no national precautions can save the planet. The ocean, more than any other part of our planet, ... is a classic example of the absolute need for international global action. - Author: Thor Heyerdahl
Save The Planet Sayings #1483726
#66. Witnessing at first-hand the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and wondering what went wrong, Andrew Charlton realised the truth of a colleague's words: "The world is split between those who want to save the planet and those who want to save themselves. - Author: Andrew Charlton
Save The Planet Sayings #1485560
#67. If we don't save the oceans, if we don't do something about what we're doing to the oceans, as well as the planet at large, we're going to be really sorry. - Author: Morgan Freeman
Save The Planet Sayings #1496955
#68. We don't need to know what goes on beyond time. We need to know how to save this planet that we live on. To align our consciousness with the fundamental frequencies with which all have in common, and to generate love and energy between us. - Author: Russell Brand
Save The Planet Sayings #1525102
#69. Today humanity faces a stark choice: save the planet and ditch capitalism, or save capitalism and ditch the planet. - Author: Fawzi Ibrahim
Save The Planet Sayings #1573827
#70. The greatest threat to our planet is the idea that someone else will save it. Once the majority of individuals have become aware of themselves and the effect that they have on the world, humanity as a whole will, without a doubt, become a conscious collective. - Author: Joseph P. Kauffman
Save The Planet Sayings #1587052
#71. It's a war, I think, to save the planet, really, from ourselves. - Author: Paul Watson
Save The Planet Sayings #1614781
#72. Maybe we have enough technology to save the planet but it is not enough because the people are not ready. - Author: Nhat Hanh
Save The Planet Sayings #1649343
#73. There are so many problems to solve on this planet first before we begin to trash other worlds. - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
Save The Planet Sayings #1654532
#74. 'Being green' is commendable, but I hope that people don't take too much pride and self-adoration because they shut off the water when they brushed their teeth. The truth of the matter is, conservation alone will do little to save our planet. - Author: Naveen Jain
Save The Planet Sayings #1680397
#75. The objective of hypertext research is to save the planet. - Author: Ted Nelson
Save The Planet Sayings #1698852
#76. So tell me the secret so I can take it back to Earth and save us all: How can a planet live at peace? - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Save The Planet Sayings #1720792
#77. We swore sacred oaths to be strong and to save the planet and to be friends forever. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Save The Planet Sayings #1756462
#78. We need a little more compassion, and if we cannot have it, then no politician or even a magician can save the planet. - Author: Dalai Lama
Save The Planet Sayings #1773748
#79. Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-El, to save the planet Earth. - Author: Barack Obama
Save The Planet Sayings #1805426
#80. We are the most dangerous species of life on the planet, and every other species, even the earth itself, has cause to fear our power to exterminate. But we are also the only species which, when it chooses to do so, will go to great effort to save what it might destroy. - Author: Wallace Stegner
Save The Planet Sayings #1826268
#81. We need enlightenment, not just individually but collectively, to save the planet. We need to awaken ourselves. We need to practice mindfulness if we want to have a future, if we want to save ourselves and the planet. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Save The Planet Sayings #1878594

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