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#1. Rei glanced over at me and nodded. "Exactly, Dieter. Just avoid having the cattle and keep walking." I cleared my throat. "A cow. It's 'don't have a cow.'" Rei frowned. "I fail to see why it must be a female. - Author: B. Justin Shier
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#2. I grew up in a home where animals were ever-present and often dominated our lives. There were always horses, dogs, and cats, as well as a revolving infirmary of injured wildlife being nursed by my sister the aspiring vet. - Author: Julia Glass
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#3. I liked the way Walter Cronkite looked, with his black glasses and his voice that knew everything worth knowing. Here was a man who was not against books, that was plain. Take everything T. Ray was not, shape it into a person, and you would get Walter Cronkite. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#4. Unless a reviewer has the courage to give you unqualified praise, I say ignore the bastard. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#5. Every one of our greatest national treasures, our liberty, enterprise, vitality, wealth, military power, global authority, flow from a surprising source: our ability to give thanks. - Author: Tony Snow
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#6. I stroll along, talk, I sign books, people buy me drinks, I forget where my hotel is, I get lost and fall into some local body of water ... done it hundreds of times. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#7. There's a difference between biology and real love, I've learned. - Author: Ginger Scott
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#8. Not all birds can fly. What separates the flyers from the walkers is the ability to take off. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#9. Many are less fortunate than you' may not be a roof to live under, but it will serve to retire beneath in the event of a shower. - Author: Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
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#10. Don Lorenzo and 'Master Eccari' fenced pleasantries for a few moments thereafter; Galdo eventually let himself be skewered with the politest possible version of 'Thanks, but piss off. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#11. First begin between selves, set a definite time, at each at that time put down what the other is doing. Do this 20 days. You shall find you have the key to telepathy. - Author: Edgar Cayce
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#12. once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look it right - Author: Jerry Garcia
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#13. That's actually a rare thing to be on a set full of people that you admire and make you laugh all the time. - Author: Ed Helms
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#14. Can you be inside and outside at the same time?
I think this is where I live.
I think this is where most women live.
I know this is where writers live.
Inside to write. Outside to glean. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
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