Top 10 Satan Worshipping Quotes

#1. Cotton says, "If God be the gardener, who shall pluck up what he sets down?" Hear that, Indians? No weeding of the white people allowed. Unless they're Catholic. Or one of those Satan-worshipping Virginians.

Sarah Vowell

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#2. Borderlines create the vicious circles they fear most. They become angry and drive the relationship to the breaking point, then switch to a posture of helplessness and contrition, beg for reconciliation. If both parties are equally enmeshed, chaos and conflict become the soul of the relationship.

Theodore Millon

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#3. So what have you guys been up to?"
"Nothing, worshipping Satan.

Daniel Clowes

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#4. In a world without future, each moment is the end of the world.

Alan Lightman

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#5. Do you have to sit so close?" she asked on a ragged breath. "Yes." was his only reply. "want to tell me why?"
"no." (Darius replied) "i don't like it." She insisted scooting from him for the second time. He moved closer "want to tell me why?" he parroted. "No" she parroted right back.

Gena Showalter

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#6. The silent killer of all great men and women of achievement - particularly men, I don't know why, maybe it's the testosterone - I think it's narcissism. Even more than hubris. And for women, too. Narcissism is the killer.

James Woods

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#7. Satan was a blunderer ... who made a stupendous failure. If he had succeeded, we should all have been worshipping him, and his portrait would have been more flattering.

George Eliot

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#8. With his addition of a birth and infancy account, Matthew makes his Gospel conform more closely to the format of ancient biography.

Edward Adams

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#9. The only people who ask questions like, 'Did he want to be something besides a bartender,' are people who can become whatever they want. The rest of us are just Americans.

Dennis Lehane

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#10. There were no ordinary human beings. Everybody was born with a surprise inside.

Jincy Willett

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