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Top 7 Sansa And Margaery Quotes

#1. He was already telling me about the very important book
with that smug look I know so well in a man holding forth, eyes fixed on the fuzzy far horizon of his own authority. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
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#2. It is very important for people to understand that the United States of America and no country around the world can devalue its way to prosperity, to be competitive. It is not a viable, feasible strategy, and we will not engage in it. - Author: Timothy Geithner
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#3. Burns' Hog-Weighing Method: (1) Get a perfectly symmetrical plank and balance it across a sawhorse. (2) Put the hog on one end of the plank. (3) Pile rocks on the other end until the plank is again perfectly balanced. (4) Carefully guess the weight of the rocks. - Author: Robert Burns
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#4. Look forward to going back Home. But make sure you're furnishing it. - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
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#5. Like 'real', 'free' is only used to rule out the suggestion of some or all of its recognized antitheses. As 'truth' is not a name of a characteristic of assertions, so 'freedom' is not a name for a characteristic of actions, but the name of a dimension in which actions are assessed. - Author: J.L. Austin
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#6. I didn't grow up listening to country music. I pretty much grew up rebelling against country music. - Author: Natalie Maines
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#7. Love makes liars of us all. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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