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#1. The first good player I watched as a kid was Joe DiMaggio, and that was like ballet. Since then, I played sandlot and college ball and came to understand how difficult it can be.

Mario Cuomo

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#2. As a ballplayer, (Dizzy) Dean was a natural phenomenon, like the Grand Canyon or the Great Barrier Reef. Nobody ever taught him baseball and he never had to learn. He was just doing what came naturally when a scout named Don Curtis discovered him on a Texas sandlot and gave him his first contract.

Red Smith

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#3. We played a lot of sandlot ball, so we were used to tackling each other, or falling on the concrete, things of that nature. And nine times out of 10, our flag games turned into tackle anyway. So when I got to high school, tackle football was kind of natural.

Nick Ferguson

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#4. I think it is that parents just don't kick their kids out the door as much as they used to. I think the demise of sandlot sports has had a lot to do with it.

Frank Shorter

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#5. The two most abundant forms of power on earth are solar and wind, and they're getting cheaper and cheaper ...

Ed Begley Jr.

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#6. It's a four-letter word for a part of the human anatomy but it's not m-i-n-d.

Joseph Hansen

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#7. It gave me a strange feeling, and the rest of that night I didn't say much, but merely sat there and drank, trying to decide if I was getting older and wiser, or just plain old.

Hunter S. Thompson

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#8. Any good parody takes a grain of truth and exaggerates it for the big screen. People ask me if I'm offended at all and I say not in the least.

Mort Crim

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#9. You can't pursue something and be committed to it if you're apologizing for it at every party.

Lisa Kudrow

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